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What Might Have Been

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What Might Have Been - Plot & Excerpts

She didn’t know how much she turned him on with her sexy walk and pure confidence. A quick glance at the crowd backed up his opinion. Every man there watched her with rapt attention. He thought back to their high school days, when she had roamed the hallways with paintbrushes keeping her hair out of her eyes. Even then he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her.Screw Stafford and his sophomoric joke. Hearing the announcer call her name combined with his added an extra spring to his step. Macy and Tanner Connolly sounded pretty damned nice. He yearned to feel her soft body pressed against his as he tasted and sampled every inch of her sweetness. Would she scream as she came? He needed to know—once they had finished singing the stupid-ass song.He thought twice about the dare when the music started. Macy smiled and nodded to the audience. When the lyrics slid across the screen, she began to sing the female lead of the song. Her strong contralto soothed his soul and settled in his mind.

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