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You'll Think of Me

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You'll Think Of Me - Plot & Excerpts

He thought about Melanie’s perfect form as he scrubbed in the shower. Later, as he dressed, he gazed at her picture on his dresser. In the shot, she wore a green sequined gown and she smiled over her shoulder, reminding him of a sexy angel. He groaned. The image of her licking and sucking his cock the night she’d presented him with the self-portrait sent a shiver of desire coursing through his veins. Yeah, he wanted her now as much as he needed her back then. Maybe more.After he kicked the door shut, he flopped down onto his bed. Hell yes, he used her picture to get off. With a Cheshire grin, he retrieved one of the nude shots of Melanie out of his duffle bag. She lay draped across a chaise bench with one arm over her head and the other cupping her breast as a silent offering. His mouth watered as he visually groped her soft curves. Closing his eyes, he remembered when he’d met her eight years back in Georgia while on leave visiting Rhett. A wry grin tugged the corners of his mouth and he began to stroke his cock through his jogging pants.

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