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Emma  Hart
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Late Call (2014)

32% DNF. I thought I was beginning to like Dayton and I know I didn't like Aaron. He just didn't do it for me. I usually like this premise in other books, the pretty woman type of stories but this was boring. I don't know if the plot changed from him trying to get her to rekindled a love that was...

Late Call (2014) by Emma  Hart

The Love Game (2013)

Awesome I really enjoyed this book when I read it, but I'm not sure if I would read it again though.

The Love Game (2013) by Emma  Hart

The Right Moves (2000)

Although there is a love story involved in The Right Moves, I think I consider this more a book about healing than romance. Abbi is suffering from depression brought on by an abusive relationship as well as recovering from self-harming. Blake is still recovering from his sisters suicide, and f...

The Right Moves (2000) by Emma  Hart

Hrej hráčem (2013)

Tak je to za mnou, chvalabohu. Co povedat o tejto knihe? Malo to potencial, pritazlivy namet, ale celkovy dojem sa nevydaril. Skoda. Uz zo zaciatku som mala problem stotoznit sa s postavami, ich konanim, ktore bolo nepochopitelne a tym padom nezodpovedalo realite. Maddie som od zaciatku nemala ra...

Hrej hráčem (2013) by Emma  Hart

Le défi (2014)

Braden and Maddie are challenged to make the other fall in love with them. Somehow it backfires and they each fall in love with the other that when the details come to light, they end up breaking their own hearts.We watch as Braden matures a bit from a man-whore to a guy completely devoted to Mad...

Le défi (2014) by Emma  Hart

Hrej férově (2014)

This is the 3rd book in Emma Hart’s “The Game” series. I was introduced to this series through twitter when someone posted the new cover art for the first two in the series, The Love Game & Playing For Keeps.The Right Moves is all about Abbi Jenkins who we are briefly introduced to in The Love Ga...

Hrej férově (2014) by Emma  Hart

Love Games 3 - Mit dem Feuer spielt man nicht (2000)

I was given an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.Just a warning. You will need boxes upon boxes of tissues for when you read this book. I did not think that Emma Hart could make me love her characters more than Braden and Maddie, but then I read this emotional roll...

Love Games 3 - Mit dem Feuer spielt man nicht (2000) by Emma  Hart

Wild Attraction (2000)

I actually read this out of order, having read Wild Temptation first. But, having read the Call series, I had already been introduced to both Liv and Tyler beforehand, although you never learn their names this book. The events in Wild Attraction take place immediately before the beginning of Wild...

Wild Attraction (2000) by Emma  Hart

Second Chance Summer (2000)

Disclaimer: I participated in a blog tour for this book.Review:It's hard to articulate exactly what this book meant to me. I related to Kia in a lot of ways,but there were ways that I didn't and couldn't relate to her as well. I couldn't relate to her relationship with her mother as I have a very...

Second Chance Summer (2000) by Emma  Hart

His Call (2000)

*************SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES PLEASE DON'T READ THIS REVIEW**************************************I am so freakin' excited Emma decided to write Aaorn's point of view for two reasons one: it's Aaron freakin' Stone ladies, and two: we got to get insi...

His Call (2000) by Emma  Hart

Wild Addiction (2000)

*I Was Provided A ARC By The Author*Every bit as intense and sexy as the first. You fall for Tyler & Liv's story even more. Emma sure knows how to write a story, she'll give you Addiction, love, tears, & Sex. �� You'll be rooting for these two to have a HEA.I was lucky to get a ARC of this book! ...

Wild Addiction (2000) by Emma  Hart

Call Series Box Set (2000)

i did not enjoy this series. i struggled to get through it, the story / plot was weak and boring, the sex scenes - i'm not a prude, i dont mind sex scenes i just prefer them to be more subtle and there are some words i just dont like to read. personally i would give this 2 stars because i didnt l...

Call Series Box Set (2000) by Emma  Hart

Blind Date

He tugs me out of the room and toward the winding staircase. As we go up it, I realize it’s a gentle spiral, and both the little girl in my soul and the designer in my heart sing their way up to it. If I weren’t holding my wine glass, my fingers would be brushing the gorgeous wooden banister that...

Blind Date by Emma  Hart

Late Call (Volume 1)

“There is?” I question the concierge down the phone.     “Si. From Signor Stone. He says you must go now.”     “Uh, okay. I’ll be five minutes. Wait, wait!” I call. “Go where?”     “He didn’t say.”     “Fantastic. Tha...

Late Call (Volume 1) by Emma  Hart


And it’s terrifying.     It also might explain why there’s a huge string of guilt in my stomach, spinning and coiling into a nauseating roll. It might also explain why I’m standing outside the bar, staring at the door instead of actually going inside.     J...

Sidelined by Emma  Hart


All day, from beginning to end, belongs to Leah. Every second is dedicated to this girl. To kissing her, to teasing her, to bringing her so close to the edge she fucking begs me.     I can feel it—she’s so close yet so far. One moment, she’s in my arms, soft as fuck. Then the ...

Blindsided by Emma  Hart

Dirty Past

My back is so stiff it feels like I’ve got steel rods inserted in it, and I’m pretty sure someone put an iron ball into my head in the middle of the night.     “Here.” Tate sets a glass of water and a couple of pills on the nightstand.     “Ow!” I stop half...

Dirty Past by Emma  Hart

Twirled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #5)

I honestly feel like I need to whisper the words every time I say them because it’s the closest thing to a miracle I’ve ever come across. Apart from the time my need to investigate got Brody shot and he didn’t die. But who wants to be reminded of that? Not me, that’s for sure. Especially since he...

Twirled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #5) by Emma  Hart

The Complete Memories Series

“It really could do with a paint.”     He laughs. “So you say every time. But it was the best your Dad could get on short notice. And the best I could afford.”     I sniff. “It still needs painting.” I tug at the peeling wallpaper. “At least you've finished...

The Complete Memories Series by Emma  Hart

The Game Series

It's hell. Every motel we pass by I want to park in, rent a room and take her in there and not leave until tomorrow. Every. Fucking. Motel.     But I don't want to fuck her. Oh no, not Maddie. I want to make love to her. I want to kiss every inch of that soft, golden skin, run...

The Game Series by Emma  Hart

Blind Date

A frown mars her usually wrinkleless forehead, and she zeroes in on me instantly. “Bee!”     “What did I do now?”     She reaches behind her and slams my door with such a force that it bounces open before settling against the frame. She gives it one last sh...

Blind Date by Emma  Hart

Wild Temptation

I mutter, staring at the florist’s sign. The windows are packed with different flower arrangements, from pastel colors to bright colors, from small bouquets to large, fancy baskets. “What kind of florist opens on a Sunday?” “The kind of florist who wants my cousin’s wedding under their belt,” Tyl...

Wild Temptation by Emma  Hart

Never Forget (Memories)

''Okay,'' I say.     ''No, really. I've never seen him this way. It's both exciting and sickening at the same time.'' ''Jen.'' ''Don't you start with the 'Jen' thing,'' she warns me. ''I'm just tellin' you how I see it, and I can see more fireworks between you two than the fif...

Never Forget (Memories) by Emma  Hart

Stripped Down

My clasped hands collided with a solid headboard, and I froze. I didn’t have a solid headboard. I had a soft one. I swallowed and opened my eyes, looking up. The headboard was mahogany wood, dark in color, and definitely not the deep purple of my soft one at home. I brushed my hair from my face a...

Stripped Down by Emma  Hart

Tied Bond (Holly Woods Files, #4) (2016)

Sweet shit, it’s like nose porn.     There are a number of plastic tubs in the middle of my table, as well as some jars. The jars contain the sauce responsible for the best smell in the world, and the tubs are filled with fresh spaghetti and pasta and meatballs. Good Lord—Nonn...

Tied Bond (Holly Woods Files, #4) (2016) by Emma  Hart

Final Call (The Call #2)

After standing for so long, watching Tessa say her vows, I know this to be true. She may have been a nightmare for the past few days, but so far, her day has gone off without a hitch. It’s absolutely perfect. From the figure-hugging white dress that flares into a full skirt at her hips to the pow...

Final Call (The Call #2) by Emma  Hart

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