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Second Chance Summer (2000)

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Second Chance Summer (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

Disclaimer: I participated in a blog tour for this book.Review:It's hard to articulate exactly what this book meant to me. I related to Kia in a lot of ways,but there were ways that I didn't and couldn't relate to her as well. I couldn't relate to her relationship with her mother as I have a very close and loving relationship with my mother. But I related to her when it came to her father and to Reese.When I was a baby, my father cheated on my mom multiple times and was abusive to her. Thankfully my mom had the strength to get out of the relationship, but I still wondered about my biological dad. Where was he? Why didn't he try harder to be the father I deserved? And why oh why was he being a better father to my half siblings than he was to me? I understood Kia's reluctance to forgive her father when she learned the truth.Why forgive someone who could have tried harder to stay in contact with his only child? My father may have had a darker path than Kia's father, but the questions still remain the same. The reluctance to forgive is still the same and the curiosity is still the same.Kia and I took different paths to figure out what we wanted, but I'd like to think that we still felt a similar sense of peace about the decisions that were made about this man that we barely, and in my case, don't know.Now Reese reminded me a lot of my on again off again boyfriend.He was sweet, kind, loyal and best of all, he loved Kia. It was obvious to me that he was fully intent on getting Kia and keeping her.Not in a possessive way, thank goodness.He was there for her when she needed him and when she didn't need him, he allowed her to retain her independence, which I loved. Finally, a female character who knows that she doesn't need a guy to stand on her own two feet. I was SUPER excited about that. Kia is a strong, independent woman who knows that she can stand on her own and she doesn't need Reese constantly.Too many NA books have characters who are in a codependent relationship and that usually ruins a book for me."I'm an independent woman and as much as I need Reese, I don't need him to make me okay.He takes away the pain I feel ,but to be okay I need to face up to that pain which means I need to be alone right now more than I need him." -Kia-This book was amazing. It helped me heal in a lot of ways. It helped me make decisions about my own life. Decisions that I had been wavering on for a very long time. Kia was a wonderful character who I related to big time. I was rooting for her and Reese all the way through because the way they loved each other just jumped off of my Kindle in a magical way. It should come as no surprise that I am giving this book five stars. I love Emma Hart. PERIOD. That's why when I read this book, i was totally hooked from page 1. It was not just about the romance between Kia and Reese, it was about Kia's problem about her family or atleast the problem of her parents. And one thing that I would like to say is that this book is uter disppointment in the end. I did not say that as a bad thing, it was just because it was such a clif hanger!. I want Kia to have her happily ever after with her father and mother and as well as with Reese. And I am totally looking forward for the next book already, an crossing my fingers and that it will be good. :)

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Cannot wait for the book to see what happens in kais journey!!

Cant wait for the second book! See full review on my blog

yessss gotta love em second chance romance

3.75 stars

35% DNF

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