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Read Love Games 3 - Mit Dem Feuer Spielt Man Nicht (2000)

Love Games 3 - Mit dem Feuer spielt man nicht (2000)

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Love Games 3 - Mit Dem Feuer Spielt Man Nicht (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

I was given an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.Just a warning. You will need boxes upon boxes of tissues for when you read this book. I did not think that Emma Hart could make me love her characters more than Braden and Maddie, but then I read this emotional roller coaster of a ride and fell hard for Abbi and Blake. This book made an absolute wreck of my emotions. It is powerful, tender, dark in places, and emotional. I loved every second of The Right Moves. The author deals with some very difficult topics in this story, such as depression, suicide, and abuse. You can feel Abbi and Blake’s pain as these two broken souls find each other. The writing in this book is absolutely flawless. Emma Hart gets better with each book that she writes in this series. This story is so much more than I expected. I devoured every poignant word. Abbi and Blake are a perfectly flawed pair. They complete each other as they work so hard to rise up from the pain of their past. What I loved most about this book is that the author doesn’t gloss over the difficult subjects. Abbi isn’t miraculously healed. She has to fight and fight hard to save herself. Abbi and Blake are inspirational characters, both amazingly strong and courageous. This book knocks it out of the park.5 out of 5 stars. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I thought that The Right Moves was a good story. As I started of reading it, I was immediately drawn in. From the first chapter I thought I should have my tissues ready for a good cry. Emma has a great writing style and develops some good characters that will have you laughing. Abbi, an 18 year old girl has so many fears, demons, insecurities and is trying to overcome them all. Dance seemed to be the only thing stopping her from repeating the events which lead her in a mental institution for over 1 year, so Abbi is working on getting into Juilliard her ultimate dream. In the process of getting to that dream, Abbi is trying to not be the girl that she was a 1 year ago but it appears to be harder than she thought. I liked that Abbi worked on being a stronger person and it also helped that she had so much support around her. I also enjoyed the journey that Emma took me on with Abbi. Her struggles, her fears, letting in a new friend and possibly falling in love with a stranger who became so in tuned with her thoughts and needs. Abbi found it hard to let people get close to her but she couldn't resist Blake even if she tried.Then we have Blake. Blake just moved to Brooklyn from the UK and is trying to adjust to the big city. Instantly, when he walked into Bianca's dance studio he is attracted to Abbi. He was funny, charming and an overall sweetheart. Blake didn't have the support that most people would have when following their dreams. His parents didn't like his job and his dream of becoming a dancer and making it into Juilliard. Blake was also trying to come to terms with the lost of a love one in his life. I loved that Emma put together an American Girl and British Guy, it made the story loveable and I enjoyed the banter between the two when it came to words and phrases from both countries. Overall, a pretty good story. The overall struggle that Abbi was facing reminded me of a friend in high school. I remembered seeing the scars and asking her what was wrong. It broke my heart then and thinking about it now it still breaks my heart. I only wished that Abbi's story could have evoked those same emotions in me. I am not sure what it was but I couldn't connect emotionally to the overall troubles and heartache in the story.***SOME OF MY FAVOURITE QUOTES***" I feel butterflies in my stomach when he looks at me, and shivers tickle their way across my skin when he touches me. every time he laughs I have to fight the urge to laugh with him"-Abbi"Because I see the way you lose yourself when you dance and I want you to lose yourself like that with me. I want you to get lost in me. it's selfish but I don't care"-Blake"I am the glass! I'm shattered, torn, broke. I'm irreparable"- Abbi

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This one was hard for me to get through, it just didn't grab my attention like the others did.

I liked this book and was glad Abbi got her HEA because Blake was awesome!!

is there any rough idea of when to expect this book out??

4.5 starsWonderful, emotional book.

3.5 stars

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