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Wild Attraction (2000)

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Wild Attraction (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

I actually read this out of order, having read Wild Temptation first. But, having read the Call series, I had already been introduced to both Liv and Tyler beforehand, although you never learn their names this book. The events in Wild Attraction take place immediately before the beginning of Wild Temptation. Liv is fleeing Tyler’s hotel room after a very hot hookup. She recognized that her attraction to “Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome, and oh so British” could lead to far more than she is comfortable with, especially given the type of guy Tyler seems to be, a serial manwhore.Wild Attraction is a very quick, very steamy read. You just know that you’re in to something good if this is the prequel to a two book series. I fell in love with Emma Hart’s writing with the Call series, and to have two characters that appeared in that series acquire their own franchise, I am all over that. This is another five star read for me. If this is the prequel, just imagine what you’re going to get in the next two books in the series! I was trying to think of the name of the tall, dark & handsome man with the British accent who hooks up with Liv in a club...but I can't remember it. I hope it is because Liv doesn't know it either because they just had one hot hook-up! Liv meets her former co-workers in a club, sexually frustrated because she is longing to catch the attention of her boss. Liv is some kind of model so I'm assuming she is beautiful. Instead of her boss Liv catches the eye of this British hottie who seduces her during a very hot dance - they set the club on fire! I hope it was very dark & crowded or those other people at the club would have gotten a peek at Liv's goodies! Back in his hotel room we discover Mr. Handsome British Man is into control so Liv isn't allowed to touch him & often finds her hands held out of the way or behind her back. But Liv won't be complaining because she is getting so much pleasure. Liv has issues though because Mr. British asks her to stick around but Liv runs off. So this book is short & sweet but very hot! Doesn't really leave me knowing more about what the plot might be in the first book.

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lucky I could read #1 right after this shorty.

So excited to start this series!


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