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Read Call Series Box Set (2000)

Call Series Box Set (2000)

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Call Series Box Set (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

i did not enjoy this series. i struggled to get through it, the story / plot was weak and boring, the sex scenes - i'm not a prude, i dont mind sex scenes i just prefer them to be more subtle and there are some words i just dont like to read. personally i would give this 2 stars because i didnt like it, but i know i dont really like books like this, so i shouldnt have read it but it was recommended. i think if you like books like this, you will like the series - i mean, who doesnt want to fall in love with a billionaire? This was the first books by Emma Hart that I have read and I can say that enjoyed them. I would rate this series a 3.5. There was just times the Dayton got on my nerves especially during the first book. She got better with the second book. I like Aaron throughout both books but in the second book he was just sooooo sweet! He knew all the right things to say. The third book which was not really a novella per se just a collection of scenes from book 1 and 2 was cool because we were finally able to get into Aaron’s head. I would have liked more of an epilogue but I guess there wasn’t one because we will be seeing this couple in Liv and Tyler’s story which I will say from the sample seems like it is going to be a great book.

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This is ENTIRE Series is FREAKING AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to read Liv & Tylers books!

Loved this series! Cannot wait until Tyler and Liv's story comes out in August!

Worth the 99 cent deal!! Grab it. Awesome series.

Absolutely loved this whole series!

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