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His Call (2000)

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His Call (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

*************SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES PLEASE DON'T READ THIS REVIEW**************************************I am so freakin' excited Emma decided to write Aaorn's point of view for two reasons one: it's Aaron freakin' Stone ladies, and two: we got to get inside his pervy little mind and see how he functioned, "it's still early." Amusement threads through her tone - amusement I plan to eff right out of her." I really loved the fact Emma wrote some never before read scenes because I was always wondering what was going through Aaron's head or what he was doing to win back Dayton in the second book, and I hate how I was left wondering so it's great we got to see what lengths and measures he went through. I'm seriously excited for Tyler's book and I can't wait to see if Aaron and Dayton pay him a little visit. Things I loved about this novella-:-*I really like the story from Aaron's point of view, in fact I think I prefer it to Dayton's. I like how his mind works, you can understand the sex more because it's explained in his deep love for her.*The author chose really good scenes to use his point of view*There is also an extra scene with Tyler, he may just be my favourite Stone, we shall see!Things that would improve my reading experience:-*If the whole story had been written in Aaron's point of view! But this is me being pernickety.

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I loved Aaron's point of view but I feel something was missing. This was too short. I need more.

good series loved seeing from aarons pov

enjoyed it! I love Aaron Stone!♥

Loved it!! :)


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