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Emma McLaughlin
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Nanny Returns (2009)

I was afraid I was going to be disappointed, but I definitely enjoyed the book. It was interesting getting to see Grayer as a young adult and peering into the world of a teenager in high class NYC. The reader also gets a glimpse of the administration behind a wealthy private school. Most import...

Nanny Returns (2009) by Emma McLaughlin

Between You and Me (2012)

Logan Wade is unsatisfied with her life. She just celebrated her 27th birthday alone when her boyfriend closes the door behind her after making sure she is comfortable in a cab. She gets a surprising phone call from the assistant of her famous cousin, inviting Logan to spend a week with her cousi...

Between You and Me (2012) by Emma McLaughlin

Net echt! (2000)

McLaughlin makes the cliché interesting. When a reality show decides to film at a local high school (cliché) the reader watches as the drama unfolds. Everything from sponsor manipulations to disastrous couplings--overdone but somehow interesting. I found myself alternating between rooting for the...

Net echt! (2000) by Emma McLaughlin

The Real Real (2009)

After the phenomenal success with Nanny Diaries these two ladies has a bit of a sophomore slump. But it's over. The last two books I have read by them have hit it out of the park. They have a way of allowing you to see the inside of celebrity which makes you remember that people are at the heart....

The Real Real (2009) by Emma McLaughlin

The Nanny Returns (2010)

Since the book made me increasingly angry, it earned its three stars. I hated the parents and the society they lived in. (While the main character stayed rather calm, I, against my pacifistic mind set, would have already turned violent.) The authors depict them very 'well'. But the book is also a...

The Nanny Returns (2010) by Emma McLaughlin

The Nanny Diaries (2003)

I suppose that I am one of the few heterosexual males who actually read The Nanny Diaries, or at least part of it before I wanted to make my own guillotine and start lopping off the heads of America’s vulgar ultra-rich. The only reason I tried to read it was because I was going through a phase wh...

The Nanny Diaries (2003) by Emma McLaughlin

Citizen Girl (2005)

I've read other reviews that were unforgiving about the way that this particular novel was written, and while some have their points, others seem to miss the charm and wit of the book. Yes, there are issues, but have we ever truly seen a perfect book? This book has some good qualities in it, but ...

Citizen Girl (2005) by Emma McLaughlin

Dedication (2007)

There are two ways to appreciate this book, either by giving 2 stars or 4 stars. 2 stars because the protagonist of the story acts like 13 year old girl than 30. Well, that made the story interesting and it changed in the end. She grow and so do her love to somebody else, if you believe to things...

Dedication (2007) by Emma McLaughlin

The First Affair

The Rutland administration. The Rutland agenda. The Rutland luncheon. He was the word in every fifth sentence, a ubiquitous stamped signature, a photograph over the royal-blue carpet on the way to the staff entrance. Under normal circumstances he would never even have known my name, but I unwitti...

The First Affair by Emma McLaughlin

How to Be a Grown-up

But as they disappeared into the long line, their laden backpacks sagging over their bums, whatever had been binding my heart together abruptly disintegrated.I cried so hard that the cabdriver, stuck with me on the highway, kept warning that I “better not to throw up.” Back in our apartment, I sa...

How to Be a Grown-up by Emma McLaughlin

Over You

Option A seems to be to go to NYU and forgo her fashions for a burka. Unappealing. Option B, go somewhere else and lose the opportunity to be mentored by Dr. Schmidt, the one woman who might see past her age and take Max’s research seriously. Option C, forgo college altogether, build her business...

Over You by Emma McLaughlin

So Close

“Babe?” Pax’s voice would come through in a whisper on my cell, waking me from where I had fallen asleep sitting up in the Davis’s den.              “Yeah?” I’d answer, checking the clock in the dark.              “Just wanted to see how you’re holding up.”              He called every night from...

So Close by Emma McLaughlin

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