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The Real Real (2009)

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0061720402 (ISBN13: 9780061720406)
Harper Teen

The Real Real (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

After the phenomenal success with Nanny Diaries these two ladies has a bit of a sophomore slump. But it's over. The last two books I have read by them have hit it out of the park. They have a way of allowing you to see the inside of celebrity which makes you remember that people are at the heart.Jesse is just a regular girl. When reality scouts show up at her Hampton High school for a version of The Hills & Gossip Girl combined. She assumes the popular kids will get picked. And they are. But to her surprise so is she.Jesse is always a reluctant participant - and without giving too much away Jessie soon learns the cost of participation is way more then she bargained for.This was a fun read. Just another way to view of what it might be like; to be a celebrity. I liked this book, but I didn't love it.I thought that the premise was interesting, but the story lacked something-a sparkle, for example.The novel was pretty cliche, in my opinion, and I usually don't mind cliche. But this was so unoriginal, it just bugged me.Also, there was just too much drama and too much change.I didn't think it was realistic and I couldn't relate.I still liked it though. It was entertaining and made me laugh. It's not deep at all.So, if you're bored, you could probably consider this.

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it was alright but not that good. Ive read better. like the one by LC WHICH IS SOO MUCH BETTER

The book is very entertaining. Although, impossible, seemed very true to character emotions.

I didn't realize this was a teen age girl book....interesting take on high school kids....

Meh. It was okay. Not really one of my favorites.

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