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Nanny Returns (2009)

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Nanny Returns (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

I was afraid I was going to be disappointed, but I definitely enjoyed the book. It was interesting getting to see Grayer as a young adult and peering into the world of a teenager in high class NYC. The reader also gets a glimpse of the administration behind a wealthy private school. Most importantly we get Nan's perspective as she is amidst building a new life for herself. The book provides new facets not addressed in the first book. I can't believe I finished this book. It's not funny, the characters are 2-D at best, and I hated the spineless character Nan more than I did in the 1st book. But I wanted to see what would become of Grayer. The bad people are not punished in the end, just like I knew they wouldn't be. Meh. Though I guess it is saying something that I wanted to keep reading, even if I was just hoping it would get better. How any reader with a backbone could abide by Nan's guilt-ridden and immature muddling through of the other characters she already knows as awful, conniving and shallow is really the question I needed answered. Or rather, how could there have a been a sequel to a book with such an unlikable, weak "heroine"? And really, why did I keep reading this?

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likable main character, makes me kind of glad I'm not rich

Liked it, but not nearly as good as the first

It was ok. still liked it

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