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Net echt! (2000)

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Net Echt! (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

McLaughlin makes the cliché interesting. When a reality show decides to film at a local high school (cliché) the reader watches as the drama unfolds. Everything from sponsor manipulations to disastrous couplings--overdone but somehow interesting. I found myself alternating between rooting for the main character and yelling at her for being stupid. That signals a good book. It's definitely not one I'll read again, but it's still one I'd recommend. At first, I wasn't too sure. I don't watch reality shows so why would I want to read about one? It's all fake anyway, right? Well, that's exactly what this is about. I immediately liked the protagonist, Jesse (no i), the second I met her and they did live in New York (even if it WAS the Hamptons). And that's what sold me.Right off the bat the unexpected happens: Jesse is cast in the reality show fliming at their school. She figured she might as well go with it. I mean, they're offering her money to be followed by cameras. Not so bad right?Wrong.She loses her best friend, her crush, her family, her self... her life is unravel at the seams and it seems the entire universe is against her. And worst of all, she has no choices. No options. Just orders she's got to follow. It's up to Jesse to find what's real, what's not and how to live with it.

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AWESOME BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! wayyyyyyy to go Emma Mclaughlin!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

The real real truth about being popular;)

No. Just no.

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