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The Nanny Diaries (2003)

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0312291639 (ISBN13: 9780312291631)
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The Nanny Diaries (2003) - Plot & Excerpts

I suppose that I am one of the few heterosexual males who actually read The Nanny Diaries, or at least part of it before I wanted to make my own guillotine and start lopping off the heads of America’s vulgar ultra-rich. The only reason I tried to read it was because I was going through a phase when I lived in Seattle of noticing the books that people were reading on the bus, or in coffee shops, or where ever. I wanted to get a feel for what folks were buying. A very disheartening exercise at times.The book is one of the least interesting things I have ever come across. It tells the story of a young girl, recently graduated from college, who goes to work as a nanny for an over-privileged cunt* in Manhattan. In the movie the nanny actually allows the child to abuse her sexually and physically. Little Lord Fuck-face pulls her pants down in an early scene that I saw before turning it off. I would have put a cigarette out in his eye for that one. See if he tries that again. No wonder these kids grow up to be date rapists and poorly qualified U.S. presidents.You get the feeling from the book and the movie that you are supposed to feel a sense of awe concerning the lifestyle of the over-privileged cunt. I mean, this is what we all want, right? This is what we all aspire to be in our dreams, to be super rich and outsource every single human endeavor and emotion, to become sandblasted and airbrushed to within an inch of our pilates-toned asses, and to shop—as if this is some wonderful form of self-expression.I didn’t get very far along in the story in the novel before throwing it in the trash (disguised as the Seattle Library book deposit). Of course I was too embarrassed to even check it out so I just speed-read it among the stacks. I watched even less of the sickening movie version of the shitty novel. If you are thinking that I sound a little bitter, you can bet your fucking ass that I have been made bitter by this vile piece of trash. The book made a vague attempt to scold* the women who make up America’s new aristocracy. More than anything else it was obvious that the authors just want to walk in the same shoes as their over-privileged cunt masters who have closets full of designer heels.I really think that it is time for America to stop and take a very good look at the way things are progressing and decide if we want to keep on this course of allowing the top 1% of the citizenry to make all of the rules and call all of the shots. The new American elite make the Czars of Russia look like serfs. I suppose that just about everyone in America thinks that eventually they, too, will be part of this new elite class, the sickeningly stupid progeny of inherited wealth. The fact that so many people voted for one of these nitwits to be our president confirms this theory.I have always felt that everyone in the world should be forced to clean their own toilet. People need to be reminded on a daily basis that we are all filthy animals, one and all, whether you are Bill Gates or Bin Laden, Madonna or Hilary Clinton. George Bush should do nothing but clean toilets all day.*I thought a lot about that word, "scold," not wanting to use too strong a term. I also thought a lot about "over-privileged cunt" but couldn't come up with a more vitriolic tag for this sub-culture.

Can I just comment about the movie instead of the book?Sorry, my bad.. It’s just frustrating that I found that I liked the movie adaptation better after I’ve finally read this much-hyped story about nannies and their bitch-employers.. Add to the fact that Harvard Hottie was portrayed by no less than Chris Evans who is certainly a hottie!!Take note: I read this book first before I watched the movie.This book gave me mixed feelings after reading it. True, all I wanted was for Nan to tell them (the X’s off) face-to-face about all her problems and complains regarding her employers but all she did in the end is leave a stupid tape that is sooo sugar coated. Furthermore, I was a little distressed with the attitude of the “parents” in the story, to the point where I almost had to put the book down. Ugh.. I was kind of annoyed until the end. I guess that’s the reason why they changed a lot of the story in the film.The writing was good, though. Clearly the authors have experienced a lot in doing nanny duties and they had successfully delivered their story and message to the readers. This might be a fun read for some people, maybe former nannies that can relate to the protagonist. Me, what I really liked in the story is little Grayer, his resilience and patience and cuteness and maturity with the situation he was stuck in. Poor little boy, I would likely adopt you if your parents won’t wake up after I bash them in the head.

What do You think about The Nanny Diaries (2003)?

I read the book with great expectations and was disappointed to find it only okayish. It is about a Nanny who takes care of the son of a rich couple "The Xs". I wanted to shake Nanny for being so tolerant with that annoying woman who was so BOSSY and MEAN (reminded a little about someone I know in my real life). I wouldn't have stayed longer than a week if I were her. Everything about Mrs.X is so infuriating (the fact that she commands Nanny to wash her panties for god's sakes!, how she suspects her Nanny is upto something bad ALWAYS, how she is so persistent about pleasing her good-for-nothing-adulterer-misogynist husband all the time)! The good thing about this book is it reminded of how my mother treated me as a child and made me feel special

I only read this book because someone loaned me the audio book read by Julia Roberts and said it was a must read. OMG. I had no idea this would be such a riveting book. I read it in one day, almost in one sitting. Although it is funny throughout, I think over all I will remember the heartbreaking parts of this book, and what it says about families where the children are raised by paid strangers. This book is not fluff at all, as I had assumed. Besides being totally entertaining, it is also a scathing commentary on the values of wealthy Americans. Unforgettable.

Palate cleanser after reading about child soldiers though I think I may have overshot like when you take too many antibiotics and then you need a fecal transfusion to restore the balance. While I should have been able to turn my brain off, I just couldn't. The main character is named "Nanny". I thought this was a pseudonym, but then people make puns about her name. And yet... no one ever says "oh hey, you're a nanny and your NAME is Nanny! ha ha!" I mean, either stick with all pseudonyms and pretend like it's a tell-all book or just fully commit to the idea that it's fictional and give everyone a NAME for chrissakes even though like The Devil Wears Prada, the book is all just a hit piece by know-it-all college girl(s) looking down at their older female employer. Unlike TDWP, the boss in this case has no real wisdom or experience to impart or really any positive characteristics. Also... how many works of fiction are there with two authors? I can't find any good explanations for that one.

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