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The Nanny Returns (2010)

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The Nanny Returns (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

Since the book made me increasingly angry, it earned its three stars. I hated the parents and the society they lived in. (While the main character stayed rather calm, I, against my pacifistic mind set, would have already turned violent.) The authors depict them very 'well'. But the book is also a very unsatisfying sequel to The Nanny Diaries. Nan let her self be pushed around by each and every one once again. And in the end the problems weren't adressed by her but either solved them self or were solved by an sixteen-year-old. (Very grown up, really.) Nearly non-existent character development over two entire books. Thats just sad. I love when an author writes a book so you just understand the characters inside and out. There were no shallow players in this book - whether I liked them or not, I really felt like I "got" each one of them, I knew what they were all about and why. Nanny Returns was really entertaining, funny, ironic, and in a way, made my heart ache just a little, for Nan, for the X boys - for Grayer who understand everything that's going on, and for Stilton, the little brother, who everyone is just trying to keep happy and protect from the craziness of the uncommon, privileged world they live in - and for everyone thrown into this world of the upper-class crazies! There were sometimes I wish I could just give some of the characters a hug.The ending had me a little teary-eyed; it was both happy and sad; it gave some closure but I think (I hope anyway) it left the door open for a 3rd book.

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Nice easy read. Good follow up

Not as good as the first :(

It was actually really sad!


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