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Always a Witch (2011)

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0547224850 (ISBN13: 9780547224855)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Always A Witch (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

This sequel to Once a Witch solved more than one dangling mystery, but did not give our Tamsin a chance to grow and become more than she was. Yes, she is a powerful talent, but she could be so much more if she used her imagination and stretched her view of more than her immediate family and her need to be loved. This is a very good young adult book - young lady with a problem who resolves it in a good way. There were parts of the story that were really good - exploring the house when she traveled back in time. There were parts of the story that were really lame - being a perfect good little girl when getting hired to work in said house in time.I liked Jessica, and even felt a bit of admiration for some of the other members of her family. I could see where they were all painted evil from the good point of view, but couldn't help thinking they couldn't be all evil... life doesn't work that way. Overall though a good book and an easy read. I TOTALLY LOVED "ALWAYS A WITCH"!!! GOOD CLEAN FUN!!! A VERY EXCITING BOOK FOR YOUNG ADULTS AN ADULTS IF YOU ASK ME.TAMSIN GREENE IS A YOUNG 17 YEAR OLD WITCH, WHO BELIEVES THAT SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANY REGULAR "TALENTS" LIKE THE REST OF HER FAMILY DOES. BUT OH YES, IF SOMEONE TRIES THREE TIMES TO USE HIS OR HER "TALENTS" AGAINST TAMSIN, THEN SHE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM OR HER. THEN TAMSIN CAN USE THE "TALENTS" AGAINST THIS PERSON FOR A LITTLE WHILE.A FEW DAYS BEFORE TAMSIN'S SISTER'S WEDDING, TAMSIN NOTICES THAT ONE OF HER UNCLE'S IS ACTING KIND OF STRANGE. OF COURSE HE'S ACTING STRANGE, LIAM KNIGHT (ANOTHER WITCH) HAS JUMPED IN TAMSIN'S UNCLE'S BODY!!! LIAM KNIGHT IS FROM THE PAST & HE IS ALSO PART OF THE KNIGHT FAMILY! WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE MORTAL ENEMIES OF THE GREENES!!TAMSIN GREENE MUST FOLLOW LIAM KNIGHT BACK TO THE PAST TO WARN HER ANCESTORS OF THE KNIGHTS. PLUS FIND A WAY TO KEEP LIAM AND HIS FAMILY FROM EVER GETTING NEAR HER FAMILY AGAIN!!!MURDER, LOVE, DANGER, & "TALENT" MAKES UP "ALWAYS A WITCH" BY CAROLYN MacCULLOUGH!!!

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Solid series. First one was way better though.

Cute story, fast read, about what I expected.


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