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Once a Witch (2009)

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0547223994 (ISBN13: 9780547223995)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Once A Witch (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

such a disappointment!! The story sounds so interesting, that's why I bought this book in the first place, plus it's about witchcraft (which is ALWAYS a good idea!)After reading the first chapters I thought "yes, this is going to be SOO GOOD!", but WHAT HAPPENED? I don't think I'm even able to explain what's wrong with this book.First of all: the writing style was just bleeeh. there's nothing more to say about it.. I had a feeling that the author's fave way to start a sentence is "and then.. and then...oh, and then...".Tamsin is a great character, so is Gabriel!And the family dynamics are very interesting, so is their house and the different Talents. This book could have been such a great book, but what Carolyn MacCullough did with it is just not mine at all... so disappointing.. Novel ini ak baca dalam waktu kurang lebih 5 jam setengah. Ak inget banget begadang ampe jam 2 pgi bru tidur. Abis dr awal buku ini udah keren,udh bikin penasaran.Yang kurang tuh:A) terjemahannya ga enak buatkuB) covernya tuh aduuh,mending cover asli dehC) romensnya dikit. Itu jg dimulainya pas udh mau tmtDr awal ga ada tnda2 si cewe sm s cowo suka. Tiba2 aja pas si cewe mau bertingkah selayaknya seorang hero,langsunglah bermunculan adegan kiss dan aku-sayang-kamu sceneAk bacanya udah lama jg udh aga lupa yg jelas konfliknya banyak terus ada degan kembali ke masa lalu yang g boring dan g bikin bingungSeandainya terjemahannya bagus,ak udh ngasih 4 bintang deh :DTokoh cewenya ga nyebelin sama sekali. Perpaduan antara Beatrice Prior (Divergent) sama Chloe Saunders (The Summoning). Lebih ke bertindak baru berpikir. Ini novel asli sihir ga ada embel2 lain. Kerasa bgt sihirnya walaug sekeren HP tp once a witch ttp worth reading :)Buat kalian yang suka sihir,petualangan, konflik yg menegangkan, buku ini cocok banget :)Happy reading~

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Really enjoyed this book. All dark and mysterious, will definitely carry on with the series

5 stars this was so goof i really loved it cant wait to read the second book

Really enjoyed it. Very sweet and good

an amazing book! i wanna be a watch

This book is in my March wrap up!

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