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Read Brujas De Nueva York (2010)

Brujas de Nueva York (2010)

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Brujas De Nueva York (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

Cute book. I think this must be middle grade, but I picked it up in my used book store in adult section as well as the follow up "Always a Witch". It read like middle grade. A family with Talents has a child born who is foretold to be the greatest and a beacon for the family. However, she grows up the only one in her family without a Talent. Until she needs it to save her sister. Then all the secrets come out. Essentially the story is following Tamsin and her family trying to save their family from a past enemy family which Tamsin accidentally releases from a curse because, of course, she didn't know she had Talents. Family secrets and all that. It's a cute read and I enjoyed it. I'm reading #2 now. To be honest, I thought I was going to think this book was going to be okay but then I started to read it and I could not put it down! It actually had more substance than I thought it was going have. The story plot was more than just some silly witches playing with magic-the main character had depth. She was given a choice that most books like these (or so I thought) wouldn't even begin to scratch. The love interest also made the book grand. I always love a good romance but the fact that is wasn't the main idea made it so much better! Don't get me wrong romance is great but not when it takes up the book. Glad that this book was about the main character growing up-not kissing.Anyways this book is great-although I do wish it was longer or less choppy- in some places it could have been smoother. But again other than that is was really good, in fact I would read it again. This is just once of those you still think of even after you finished it.

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DNF.I just couldn't get into the main character, personally.

Very fast read, slow start, but compelling towards the end.


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