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Read Ramai Vesnic Vrajitoare (2014)

Ramai vesnic vrajitoare (2014)

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Ramai Vesnic Vrajitoare (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

I read this book all, but of a day. I barely listening in on what was going on around me as i read this book. I was yet again sucked into the book. The twist and turns were absolutely wonderful to say the less. Everything worked out and all were saved at the end of the book and Tam and Gabriel are together still. i do say that i would have thought it would end differently, but it ended just as good with what was written. i really hoped that there would be another book. But! i guess that's asking to much when it ended with no need for another book. Finished this in one day, I guess, when you're in a reading frenzy plus having the whole day free, that's possible. As a conclusion to the first book, it didn't disappoint me, I personally like that its fast paced and with no other sidelines, except for that little matter about the danger of Traveling on Gabriel's part, his condition wasn't explain on the later part of the book which didn't satisfy my curiosity (maybe because I dot on him, a little,haha). Moral of the Story: With great power comes great responsibility. Fair enough and well expounded. ^^

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I kind of screamed at the book the entire time, but the end was pretty much wonderful. Yup.

Extremely fast read. Surprisingly scary for a Young Adult book. Enjoyed it immensely.

من این کتابو دوست دارم)i love this book)

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