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Daima Cadı (2012)

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Daima Cadı (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

Romanian review:Când ești vrăjitoare… rămâi veșnic vrăjitoare. Cam acesta este mesajul pe care Carolyn MacCullough vrea să ni-l transmită prin cele două romane ale sale.La început credeam că Tamsin avea să fie superficială, dornică să-și exploreze puterile la maxim, însă ea se pune pe locul al doilea, dorința de a-și ține familia vie și nevătămată fiind mai puternică. Probabil că acesta a fost elementul „cheie” care m-a determinat să o plac atât de mult pe ea și nu pe Gabriel, care din păcate a avut un rol secundar de data aceasta.Rămâi veșnic vrăjitoare este o lectură relaxantă și scrisă într-un limbaj pe înțelesul tuturor categoriilor de cititori. Nu regret că m-am lăsat convinsă de recenziile citite și chiar mă bucur că printre picături am avut ocazia să evadez într-o lume simplă și puțin diferită de lumea reală.English review:Once a witch...always a witch. I think that this is the message that Carolyn MacCullough is trying to send through these two books.At the begining I taught that Tamsin would be superficial, eager to discover what she can do now that she discovered her powers, but she is on the second place, the wish to see her family and the one she loves safe being stronger. Probably this was the „key” which made me to like her so much, not Gabriel who had a samll role this time.Always a witch is a relaxing reading and written in a way that anyone can comprehend it. I don't regret that I was convinced by it's reviews and I really enjoyed that I had the opportunity to escape in a simple magical world, a little different from the real one. I very much enjoyed the first book in this duology, so I got my trotters on Always A Witch as soon as I could.And it doesn't disappoint.It's a fast paced story, that I read in an afternoon. I was sad to discover that Agatha, Tamsin's friend, was written almost completely out of the story, but glad when I discovered that at least Gabriel still had a considerable part to play.Tamsin travels back in time and we're introduced to a lot of new characters in this book. Some were very flat, but the action and suspense were good enough that I didn't mind too much. There were a few things that didn't seem to fit in my opinion (happens a lot in time travel stories), but they weren't big enough to really bug me.Overall this is a fast and very enjoyable read and a great conclusion to this duology. I will most certainly reread these two book, and find out what other things MacCullough has written.

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Really good considering I didn't read the first book. Kinda regret that now. OOPs.

Why can't there be a third!

it was good

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