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Bourne (2012)

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Bourne (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

This one was good as well. A Little on the short side. Finished it in just a couple of hours. Not the best of the series but still action packed. The most depressing of the series so far. Now whats going to happen to the members of the brotherhood??? It went a bit far in detail in my opinion talking about the slitting of an innocent woman and young baby's throats. But over all it was a good book. I would probably give it 4.75 stars if I had the option so I just rounded up. In Bourne we get a delightful new glimpse into this world with a first person perspective from Lia. This first person voice shifts back and forth through the course of the story between Gabi and Lia, but it allows us to finally see what Lia’s really thinking and feeling about the situation (and Luca in particular).Those who are fans of this series will find this novella absolutely necessary for their collection. Bergren’s extended glimpse into the lives of these two wonderful heroines does not disappoint. The adventure, the romance and the chivalry, the humor and the (sometimes) terror all continue at a frantic pace that ends all too quickly. The biggest issue I had with this novella was that it was entirely too short and over much too soon. If I could, I would beg Lisa Bergren to write a sweeping thousand page chronicle of these girls and their adventures that might satisfy the wish I had to read more. But even that would probably not be enough.To say I love this series doesn’t even cover it. If you have teenage girls in your life or if you ever were a teenage girl, then you should check this one out. Trust me on this. And if you should happen to purchase any of these novellas as gifts for someone else, make sure that you have all of the other ones available to start immediately.**Review copy provided by the author. Thank you Lisa!

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Love that the author kept the series going with this novella. I only wish it was longer.

soemthing about this series that is addicting

Great story.


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