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Torchlight (1994)

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Torchlight (1994) - Plot & Excerpts

I probably need to start out by saying that how I enjoy a book definitely depends on my mood. And I guess I just was in too much of a YA mood to like this one. I'll at least give it the benefit of doubt :)Likes: their first meeting--and Trevor's demeanor. He knew she was interested and it was funny to see him make her squirm. I also liked the journals of Anna/Shane they found in Torchlight's attic. Dislikes: the dialogue seemed cheesy/forced. Also, the POV would switch mid-chapter, sometimes back and forth between paragraphs and it made it choppy and confusing at times. And MILES. Ugh. But worse than Miles? The fact that Julia made it all the way to the wedding day even though she knew and admitted she had feelings for Trevor. She was just concerned he wouldn't stick around. Umm--red flag much? I just have a hard time sympathizing for a heroine in a book when she stays with the super-obviously-wrong-for-her guy for over four years just because. So, basically, this one just didn't grab me. Which I guess is evidenced by the fact that it took me almost a week to finish it (and it was only 232 pages). But I need to stop because I don't like to "trash" an author's work, just because it wasn't my favorite.I do have to say that I didn't realize before I read it that it was written in 1994. The kindle cover wasn't as obviously 90's as the Goodreads one. :) I've heard really good things about this author's more recent books, so while I won't read any others in this particular series, I'm still willing to give her newer ones a shot.Content: completely clean

Loved this one more than the first book in this series. I was so enthralled with it that I read it in one day flat (was up until 3am to do so, if that says anything about how hooked I was). I felt much more pulled into Torchlight than I was with Refuge (which I also enjoyed), and it might be because this was a whole book about two couples instead of Refuge being more of two novellas intertwined back-to-back. I always feel guilty rooting against a standing relationship/engagement, but I couldn't help but instantly fall in love with Trevor and how he tried to ask for God's guidance in how to proceed with Julia. Looking forward to reading book 3 in the series. I appreciate how these first two books have some cross-over characters, but could still stand alone without the prior book. Not my usual stance for series' because I like them evolving, but in this case it works really well and I loved Torchlight!Romance: clean

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I really enjoyed this book, or most of it. The personalities and the theme of restoring an old family mansion kept my attention throughout the book. The only thing that I did not like was the ending, not the ending result as it was somewhat predictable but the way the author caused the ending to occur. I didn't think it kept with the rest of the book as well as it could have.I also really enjoyed the fact that it had an underlying Christian theme (I didn't know this when I started reading it) although it was done in a very quiet manner.

Torchlight is awesome! Once again, Bergren draws you in - not wanting to put the book down. I love how she continuously shares character's thoughts; as they're praying to our gracious Father. Torchlight is a wonderful Christian romance story... of a women caught up in not knowing which man to choose; trying to find herself & where God wants her to be; the main character of this story almost dies not once - but ---- (read the story to find out how many times & how). [I don't want to give too much away.:] Would have loved for more of the character's from the first book to have been brought into this story; but its still great!

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