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Read Claim: A Novel Of Colorado (2010)

Claim: A Novel of Colorado (2010)

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143476706X (ISBN13: 9781434767066)
David C. Cook

Claim: A Novel Of Colorado (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

I have to say this series never lacks for excitement! There constantly seems to be some force causing havoc for our prodigals, either with an internal struggle or with the evil in the world. I enjoyed seeing these prodigals return "home", finding themselves and their footing with God. Bergren has no trouble keeping the pages turning and creating a cast of characters that you are drawn to. Overall, it was a well done series and I really enjoyed it.I do have to say that while all the drama (external forces and bad choices) kept the pages turning, part of me would rather have seen a little less of that and a little more on the relational development between the love interest. I say that in part, because in all three books there was one or more "bad guy" at play in the story and while it does heighten part of the suspense, I also like to see more of the internal and relational take a more prominent role. I would say this was a highly entertaining read with some good truths peppered throughout. I did however, see the potential for more. Still a good read! This is the third and final book in the Homeward Trilogy. After being the supporting character in books 1 and 2, Dominic (aka Nic) finally gets his story! Although one could figure out what was going on without having read the first two books, I would recommend at least reading book 2, Sing. Claim picks up a few months after Sing ends and it continues Nic's sister, Moira's storyline. Both Nic and Moira have been the prodigal St. Clairs who needed to find their way home (to God). Nic is back in Colorado but, ashamed of spending/losing his inheritance, he wants to earn some money before he sees his sister Odessa again. Through circumstances, he becomes owner of a mine and guardian to a young boy. He becomes increasingly intrigued with his neighbor Sabine, who is harboring her own wounds from living with an abusive (but now presumed dead) husband. All three are in danger when a mining company is bent on getting their hands on Nic's mine and Sabine's land. Meanwhile, Moira hides behind a veil to cover her burns. She wants more from her relationship with Daniel than he is willing to give. Feeling rejected, she returns to NYC to meet the grandparents of her unborn baby. Then, things start to go terribly wrong for her. Even though Nic has been quite the hothead (quick to anger, slow to listen) since book 1, I really liked him. He seemed like a real person and not just a flawless hero that a woman would automatically fall in love with. He seemed genuine in his struggles with his faith, his anger problem, and not feeling like he ever lived up to his father's expectations. I was happy to see him mature and I appreciated his arc throughout this series. Moira was quite selfish and spoiled since book 1 and it was with some relief that she finally matured. However, I did not like her storyline as much when she went to NYC, that part seemed a little off to me. Overall, I was glad to see all the St. Clair siblings get their happy ever afters. I think if you read the entire series, you'll appreciate the satisfying ending---4.5 stars

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Well it turned out better than book two was looking. Not my favorite series though.

Last book in the trilogy by Lisa T. Bergren. i really enjoyed all three of these!

Great story with a twist in every chapter.

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