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Bourne & Tributary (2012)

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Bourne & Tributary (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

This book is by far my new favorite book! I honestly didn't know what to do with myself after I finished it! I never want this series to end!! I hope everyone will please do yourself a great favor and go read this series! I love all the characters so very much and I feel like I personally know them and everything they go through, I feel like I totally know what there dealing with and can imagine being there wih them! This series will captivate your full attention and will make you need to read them all over and over and over again! I love the way the books are Christian orientated and yet so fully intrigue everyone! I hope everyone will read these books and feel as I do and also want a relationship with Christ as the families in this series do!! I have tried Lisa Bergrens books before and they couldn't really capture my attention all that well enough to read the continuation of the series. However, when I saw the cover, yes I am a cover snob, I thought I might give her another shot. Her novella of Bourne was ok. I finished it to the end and the story came out fine in the end. There were some his and lows of this story but it was in the middle for me. After reading the first novella I tried to move onto the second one but I just couldn't quite do it. It seemed like not a worth while effort and I am one who loves to read. There is something about their writing style that just doesn't sync with me as it does with other readers.

What do You think about Bourne & Tributary (2012)?

I like the stories, and the characters...but sometimes the dialogue seemed awkward.

Still amazing, if not more so, the second time around. :)

It is amazing. It complements the other three nicely.

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