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Keary Taylor

Forsaken - Plot & Excerpts

I knew the whole angel thing was already confusing and frightening to her so I didn’t know how to explain the whole mess with Cole. In the end we just left it simple. I needed to go help my friend before something bad happened to her.
After a quick introduction, Amber met Sal and I carefully explained to her that Amber would be helping her while I had to be gone for a while. I really, really hoped Sal could get along with Amber. It made me sick; it felt a little like leaving my own child behind in someone else’s care. I didn’t have any other choice though.
I went into work to tell Rita that I was going to be gone myself. She was in a hurry to leave so I only had a few moments to tell her that I wouldn’t be coming into work the next day and that I didn’t know when exactly I would be back.
If my boss had been anyone but Rita I was sure I would have been fired right then and there. She only said for me to call her when I knew when I was going to be back. It was so easy to love a woman like her.

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