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Just Above a Whisper (2005)

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Just Above A Whisper (2005) - Plot & Excerpts

Love stories make me want to do nothing but read. This is the second entry in the very pleasant Tucker Mills trilogy by Christian romance author Lori Wick, and it's an improvement over the first, but the story drags along at times due to the sheer number of characters Wick tries to balance in the plot. The plot concerns an indentured servant named Reese Thackery (her middle name is a joke between her and her intended), whose "contract" is bought by the bank as part of a debt reassignment when her previous owner dies suddenly. A quick glance at Wikipedia tells us that "Indentures could not marry without the permission of their owner, were subject to physical punishment (like many young ordinary servants), and saw their obligation to labor enforced by the courts. To ensure uninterrupted work by the female servants, the law lengthened the term of their indenture if they became pregnant. But unlike slaves, servants were guaranteed to be eventually released from bondage. At the end of their term they received a payment known as "freedom dues" and become free members of society.[15] One could buy and sell indentured servants' contracts, and the right to their labor would change hands, but not the person as a piece of property."The bank manager, Mr. Jenness, buys Reese's contract and asks her to visit his house and work there, much to the consternation of his wife, Lily. Their teenage son, Gerald, falls head over heels in crush with her, but she rebuffs his advances. Later, Mr. Jenness learns that the bank owners, the Kingsleys, will be coming to town to look over the books and he uncharacteristically leaves his place of work and home, and generally behaves in a suspicious manner.The problem with Mr. Jenness' behavior is that there's no payoff later. There's no evidence he did anything wrong. He's not a real villain in any sense of the word, and the book really needs some sort of drama or conflict to keep it from being too boring. Meanwhile, Connor Kingsley arrives with Troy, and immediately asks for Reese to be freed from her contract. She begins working for them, and slowly she and Connor (whose voice is a raspy whisper due to a childhood trauma) fall for each other.The other denizens of Tucker Mills have their own stories interwoven into each book in the trilogy. Jace and Maddie, the protagonists of the first book, are newly married and pregnant, and are beginning to study the Bible with Pastor Muldoon. Doyle and Cathy Shephard are also studying the Bible, and Doyle has many questions about eternal salvation which, to a non-religious reader, is pretty boring. Connor and Reese's story resembles the fairy tale of Cinderella closely and it's a sweet, easy read.

[review based on audio]I’d like to point out that listening to this book should land me in the indiscriminate reader population. Above a Whisper is comfortably outside of my preferred genre but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this sweet, sweet, pretty, pretty, all-is-beautiful, and everyone-is-lovely read. I was definitely feeling the love on this one. No really! I’m not being snarky, I liked it. :)The premise of Above a Whisper takes place around 1839, a time when indentured servants where common and close knit communities within a small town defined a way of life. Reese Thakery is contracted for a 4 year indentured servitude when her father is forced to settle his obligations. When the man who owns her contract unexpectedly dies deeply in debt, Reese is handed over to Tucker Mills Bank, which is owned by Conner Kinglsey’s family. She is committed to completing the final 19 months of her contract. Without warning, she is suddenly released from her contact by Conner, and this wealthy bank owner and once servant fall in love and live happily ever after. The end. *sigh*Okay, yes it’s a sweet love story, but I also liked the underlying themes of fear, faith, injustice and ultimate resolution that were infused into the book. I also enjoyed Connor and Reese's backstory and the secondary storyline of Maddy and Jace. Very lovely.Nice story that ends perfectly. I need those every now and again. *goofy smile*

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Listened to Just Above a Whisper (Tucker Mills Trilogy #2)by Lori Wick. Through a hard turn of events, Reese Thackery has become an indentured servant. When the owner of her contract dies, the bank has rights to her fate. Conner Kingsley, the son of the bank's owner, comes to Tucker Mills to investigate and soon releases Reese from obligation and hires her to keep house for him. Reese is grateful for freedom but unsure of her other feelings for Conner. Yet, as her emotional hurts heal, and her faith blossoms, Reese allows herself to trust someone for the first time. But will Conner do the same? When love at first sight is not the case, can shared faith and restoration grow from a whisper of understanding into a proclamation of love? I give this book 5 stars and a 10. A good read.

This is truly a romantic story, a once indentured girl, now free, but working for a larger than life bank owner, is not sure what her role in life is, yet. Reese starts out as an identured servant, even changes owners. She is an exceptionally tall girl with red hair who does not think much of herself, except that she knows she is a child of God. Most men are smaller than her so they do not scare her so much, but when Conner Kingsley comes into the picture she's not so sure.Conner Kingsley, the bank owner, comes to town to check on his bank. Also, to set free the girl who the manager had continued her indentured state. Conner has a whole history with Tucker Mills and isn't sure about even being there, let alone having a girl affect him like Reese does.This is a totally lovely love story, you will enjoy it.
—Cherie Kasper

This sweet love story of an indentured servant and a wealthy bank owner is brought to life by the incredible Barbara Rosenblat. She transforms Lori Wick's novel into a wonderful listening experience with her expert ability to perform the parts of numerous characters. One cannot help but be enthralled with the story of 23-year-old Reese Thackery and the hardships she learns to overcome in 1839 in Tucker Mills, Massachusetts. The story of faith and love in the midst of trials produces an unforgettable story. Wick's creativity in weaving together a plot that includes mystery and romance, plus Rosenblat's flair for dramatic interpretation, makes this a truly worthwhile audiobook.

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