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Where the Wild Rose Blooms (2006)

SUMMARY: Can love shatter her stubborn pride?In the high mountains of Colorado, Clayton Taggart dreams of the day when he can leave the rough life of a mines urveyor to become a teacher. In the midst of his plans, he meets Jackie Fontaine, a newcomer from the East whose strong willed spirit caus...

Where the Wild Rose Blooms (2006) by Lori Wick

A Song for Silas (2008)

This book was my second pick for January that I finished a day or two into February. So, this book falls under February Book of The Month technically. There will be two more reviews after this one for February. I already have another review already handwritten and I just need to handwrite the sec...

A Song for Silas (2008) by Lori Wick

The Princess (2006)

I have lost count how many times I have read "the Princess." I think I must be somewhere north of a dozen by now. To be honest, that is where I stopped counting. It may be more than twenty. I own two copies: the one my aunt gifted me on my fifteenth birthday almost a decade ago and the reprint wi...

The Princess (2006) by Lori Wick

Wings of the Morning (2004)

I really liked this book. I especially liked the main character, Smokey. I liked how strong and confident she was in her profession as a sea captain. I also liked how it was contrasted by how awkward and inept she was in social situations. I liked her determination. And I liked how much she relie...

Wings of the Morning (2004) by Lori Wick

White Chocolate Moments (2007)

Archineh Bryant’s life changes radically when her parents are killed in a car accident (obviously!), and she goes to live with her grandfather, Sam Bryant, an extremely wealthy businessman, who is a demanding workaholic. “Arcie,” insecure and fearful of being left alone in every way, grows up re...

White Chocolate Moments (2007) by Lori Wick

City Girl (2001)

I have no idea why i love this book so much but i do. It was one of the first books that i ever read that was more adult and for some reason it gets to me every time. I think i have read it at least 10 times again i don't know why its not like any other books i like. Its about a girl who wants be...

City Girl (2001) by Lori Wick

Moonlight on the Millpond (2005)

The beginning of this book was confusing. For the most part, the entire book is written in short segments that range from a couple of paragraphs in length up to an entire page. Occasionally some would clock in at 1.5 to 3 pages in length before switching to the next group of characters and/or s...

Moonlight on the Millpond (2005) by Lori Wick

Whatever Tomorrow Brings (2007)

This first book in the Californian's series is an easy, enjoyable read, perhaps closer to a 3.5 for me. The main characters, Marshall Riggs and Kaitlin Donovan, are two people I ended up caring about, and the historical setting of San Francisco and Santa Rose, California seemed interesting and we...

Whatever Tomorrow Brings (2007) by Lori Wick

Just Above a Whisper (2005)

Love stories make me want to do nothing but read. This is the second entry in the very pleasant Tucker Mills trilogy by Christian romance author Lori Wick, and it's an improvement over the first, but the story drags along at times due to the sheer number of characters Wick tries to balance in th...

Just Above a Whisper (2005) by Lori Wick

Whispers of Moonlight (2006)

When Travis and Rebecca marry, rumors quickly spread that he has done so only for her dying father’s ranch. Confused and convinced that Travis can never truly love her, Rebecca strikes out on her own. She disappears to make a new life for herself in a town far away, but her friends there are few,...

Whispers of Moonlight (2006) by Lori Wick

Who Brings Forth the Wind (2004)

I'm not sure where to start with this train wreck of a book. It was confusing, disjointed, and poorly researched. The hero, Tanner, and heroine, Stacy, seem to fall in love with just a glance across the ballroom, and after he says a few rude things to her, she starts pining after him. Then after ...

Who Brings Forth the Wind (2004) by Lori Wick

To Know Her by Name (2006)

This was a good story and my first Lori Wick.For awhile I was conflicted about what rating I would give, or whether I would finish. At first the characters seem to repeat observations and do a whole lot of telling the story rather than the plot moving much, but once Pup goes into the field thing...

To Know Her by Name (2006) by Lori Wick

A Texas Sky (2000)

4 stars! For me, this one SORTA had what the previous one lacked: a major issue that the hero and heroine had to overcome. Although I gotta say, I wasn't sure the hero was gonna figure things out... but once he put his mind to it (quite late in the game), it was like badda-bing badda-boom... ga...

A Texas Sky (2000) by Lori Wick

Bamboo & Lace (2001)

I didn't like the start of the book because the protagonist, Lily Walsh, was initially portrayed as a person with low self-esteem. She hails from Kashien, a fictitious village where women are second-class citizens. She apologizes a lot and lowers her eyes whenever a man is around. I thought the s...

Bamboo & Lace (2001) by Lori Wick

Sophie's Heart (2004)

Rating: 6/10This was a favourite of mine when I was in my teens. Obviously I am a lot older and thus a different person so the soppiness and cheese got to a point where it was too much. Also their grief was touching to beginning with but after awhile, you get a little over reading about them cryi...

Sophie's Heart (2004) by Lori Wick

Every Storm (2004)

*****CAUTION: REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS*****Set in 1945 amid WWII, a young American woman and her sister take positions as Governesses for a wealthy rancher in Australia. On a flight to join the family for a vacation, the small plane crashes onto a deserted island in the Pacific killing the pilot ...

Every Storm (2004) by Lori Wick

Pretense (2005)

Yuck.I confess the characters were memorable. I liked the ones she took time to develop (Marrell, Paul, Jackson, Mackenzie, Delancy).But the book started SO SLOW and the writing was horrible. I cannot believe I finished all 600 something pages. I probably wouldn't have if the book hadn't been giv...

Pretense (2005) by Lori Wick

The Hawk and the Jewel (2004)

I loved this book SO much when I was 14. The sweeping Victorian period, the romance between the staid Brandon and impulsive Sunny, the exotic locales of Darhabar and England, all of it. But 20 years later, after re-reading this book, my feelings have changed quite a bit. Honestly, this book is st...

The Hawk and the Jewel (2004) by Lori Wick

Sean Donovan (2007)

At 17 Sean Donovan has finally worked up the courage to leave Santa Rosa. Bitter and angry at his father's continued absence, Sean is determined to set out on his own, leaving his family and his God behind.For 2 years Sean finds odd jobs to earn money. He keeps moving in order to keep himself fro...

Sean Donovan (2007) by Lori Wick

The Knight and the Dove (2004)

This book had been sitting on my shelf for a long time- so I thought it was high time to read it. I had seen mixed reviews, and my own were also rather mixed. In many ways, it was a sweet Romance which explored the deeper issues within relationships, such as learning to give and take and a good C...

The Knight and the Dove (2004) by Lori Wick

Every Little Thing About You (1999)

Rating: 9/10Reading this brought back so many memories of my teenage years when I used to read this book all the time. It is a lovely story and it is hard not to love Slater. I also loved meeting all his brothers which made me super excited to read the following two books in the series, both abou...

Every Little Thing About You (1999) by Lori Wick

A Gathering of Memories (2005)

Ross Beckett whom we met in The Long Road Home is now a lawyer in Baxter. Setting up his own practice and getting ready to move into a home with one of his friends.Silas and Amy are still childless. When they hear that 5 children just lost their mother and their father is missing, Amy is determin...

A Gathering of Memories (2005) by Lori Wick

Cassidy (2007)

Token Creek, Montana Territory — 1880 Cassidy Norton is a fine seamstress who makes her living sewing for others. Amid the bustle of a busy frontier town, her life is rich. What time her business doesn’t take, her friends and church family fill. But Cassidy hasn't always lived in Token Creek, an...

Cassidy (2007) by Lori Wick

Every Little Thing About You (Yellow Rose Trilogy 1)

If Griffin is with me you might comesometime, but if I'm on my own and needed, you'd be leftby yourself.""I could sit at the desk.""Thaf s true, but I would want someone with you.""Zach has a desk at school, and Mam has one in thekitchen."Liberty only smiled at her before looking at her parents/w...

Every Little Thing About You (Yellow Rose Trilogy 1) by Lori Wick

The Rescue

She was snapped back to her Saturday conversation with Mr Weston when she found a coachman on her step. He bowed, handed her a letter, and stood expectantly. She read:Dear Miss Gadiner,This is Bert. He has been commissioned by me to attend to your roof. I’m certain you will find his work most sat...

The Rescue by Lori Wick

Wings of the Morning (Kensington Chronicles)

They were both satisfied withwhat they saw. Smokey saw Darsey's blessing, and Darseybeheld a sweet serenity in Smokey's small face."Were you really worried about me last night?"Darsey grinned. "Just a mite. If the look on Dallas' faceduring supper was any indication, I knew he was going todeclare...

Wings of the Morning (Kensington Chronicles) by Lori Wick

Bamboo and Lace

Gabe looked at the passage from the second chapter of Titus and worked to accept what he knew God was saying to him. The little word “all” usually caught his attention when he was studying his Bible. It didn’t say he needed to be an example of good deeds in the things that were easy, but in all t...

Bamboo and Lace by Lori Wick

Donovan's Daughter (The Californians, Book 4)

I praise God for each of you, and pray that you will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Other Books by Lori WickA Place Called Home SeriesA Place Called HomeA Song for SilasThe Long Road HomeA Gathering of MemoriesThe CaliforniansWhatever Tomorrow BringsAs Time ...

Donovan's Daughter (The Californians, Book 4) by Lori Wick

Who Brings Forth the Wind (Kensington Chronicles)

He had killed the love she had forhim while she was still a bride. Lucinda wanted so much morefor Stacy.f"He's danced with you twice, Stacy," the younger girl saidwith wide eyes. "I hope you're ready for a proposal.""Oh, Liz," Stacy shook her head at a friend she'd come toknow through her weeks i...

Who Brings Forth the Wind (Kensington Chronicles) by Lori Wick

Sabrina (Big Sky Dreams 2)

Thank you for your life-changing messages and the hard work you do.     .2 Pearly Jo-thank you for your ongoing love and support. It's lovely to have my mother be one of my closest friends. I don't know what I would do without you.     Merry'Kay-it's always...

Sabrina (Big Sky Dreams 2) by Lori Wick

Jessie (2010)

SETH PROMPTED HANNAH when she hesitated, his eyes on the book as she read to him and Clancy. “ ‘Stove,’ ” Hannah repeated, “ ‘where the mother boiled the stew.’ ” “Is there a picture for that one?” Clancy asked, just as she’d done every few minutes for the whole story, leaning from her father’s l...

Jessie (2010) by Lori Wick

The Hawk and the Jewel (Kensington Chronicles 1)

He was on the verge of telling his mother that he was headed to Willows* End until dinner, but before he could utter a word, he found his plans painfully dashed."Jordan dear," his mother began. "I'd like you to run some papers over to Bracken this afternoon. I could have the servants seetoit, but...

The Hawk and the Jewel (Kensington Chronicles 1) by Lori Wick

A Place Called Home

She hated beating rugs. There had been a time as a little girl when she couldn’t wait to help Mrs. Hall with her work, but even then beating rugs had been miserable. She couldn’t get it done fast enough. Grandma Em had walked downtown to the post office and to run errands. Christine worked desper...

A Place Called Home by Lori Wick

As Time Goes By (The Californians 2)

I planned on asking Sylvia.Jll six of us guys came here, and it didn't take very long for everyone to see that two of us wanted to take Sylvia. That left an extra girl, and that girl was you." Jeffstopped because he was feeling a little sick inside. "Go on, Jeff. Remember, I did ask."He took a de...

As Time Goes By (The Californians 2) by Lori Wick

Cassidy (Big Sky Dreams 1)

yourself, you would know how."Cassidy nodded, not sure she could shoot this gun but not willing to admit that."Okay, take the revolver again, with both hands, and just point it at the target I set up."Cassidy did as she was told, finding it a little easier with both hands, but also discovering th...

Cassidy (Big Sky Dreams 1) by Lori Wick

Sean Donovan (The Californians, Book 3)

Sean stood still while Charlie moved through the kitchen and beyond."It's me, Sadie," Charlie spoke as she found her aunt, down the hall and around the corner, in her tiny sewing room. She had a quilt on her lap and was stitching meticulously, near the window where the remaining sunlight poured t...

Sean Donovan (The Californians, Book 3) by Lori Wick

The Proposal

Jennings began that evening when the two of them were alone.“Yes, sir?”It had seemed easy in his mind, but now, looking into Thomas Jennings’ open and trusting eyes, the guardian was at a loss for words.Thomas continued to wait, his expression not changing, but the longer the silence continued, t...

The Proposal by Lori Wick

Leave a Candle Burning

He had been sleeping hard and couldn’t at first figure out what was going on. Wanting to move fast but feeling sluggish and disoriented, he scrambled from the bed as best he could. Corina was standing by her bed, crying into her hands and calling for her mother. Dannan went down on his knees to t...

Leave a Candle Burning by Lori Wick

Whatever Tomorrow Brings (The Californians 1)

Many of the families wanted to have the schoolteacher to dinner before summer break. Kaitlin, Sean and Marcail went to supper in ten different homes in two weeks. Exhausted, Kate was nevertheless bound and determined to put on an end-of-the-year program. The children were learning songs and poems...

Whatever Tomorrow Brings (The Californians 1) by Lori Wick

A Texas Sky (Yellow Rose Trilogy)

The sun was setting fast, butthere was still enough light to see each other.Dakota took the large rocking chair, and Cash sat on thedouble swing."I wonder how the sheriff knew to send her downhere," Cash pondered aloud."He knew my name was Rawlings, and the RawlingsCattle Company of Kinkade, Texa...

A Texas Sky (Yellow Rose Trilogy) by Lori Wick

The Pursuit

His brother, Henry, had been ready to join him for a brief shopping trip but realized he had some pressing unfinished business on his desk.None of Edward’s needs were very urgent, but his friend and brother-in-law, Thomas Morland, was soon to have a birthday, and he wanted to look for a gift. Ben...

The Pursuit by Lori Wick

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