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Read Moonlight On The Millpond (2005)

Moonlight on the Millpond (2005)

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Moonlight On The Millpond (2005) - Plot & Excerpts

The beginning of this book was confusing. For the most part, the entire book is written in short segments that range from a couple of paragraphs in length up to an entire page. Occasionally some would clock in at 1.5 to 3 pages in length before switching to the next group of characters and/or settings which was distinguished with a curlicue-thing. In fact it wasn't uncommon for 2-4 curlicues to appear on each double page spread. That's a heck of a lot of head hopping.There were 8 key characters. I don't feel like going back to check but I'm pretty sure all 8 of them were introduced in the first chapter. The problem with this was that at first, the reader has no idea the relation between any of these people and it's hard enough remembering which name goes with each setting and set of characteristics let alone care that two of them are mfeo and slated to fall in love.It didn't take too long to figure out who was who and what was what but by then I was already annoyed and convinced that I was reading yet another crappy Christian fiction novel. Call it predestination. Quick, somebody call John Calvin.****mild spoilers past this point****Maddie, the female romantic lead, is apparently so sensitive to the effects of alcohol that after taking three swallows of something from a flask, she blacks out and doesn't remember sharing a kiss with Jace, the male romantic lead. And as if that wasn't bad enough, later on when Jace and Maddie are married, she blacks out again after drinking two glasses of champagne and doesn't remember giving it up to her new husband... Um, really? So anyway, by the time the two ludicrous alcohol-induced blackouts ocurred, I was already rolling my eyes and doing some mental "gag me with a spoon" moves so I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. It’s a stupid thing to get hung up on and not like it really matters that there is a wide and varied middle ground in between sobriety and a blacked out drunken stupor, but I can’t help it. I was given this entire trilogy so I’ll likely continue on and read the next two—I mean, they can’t be any worse, can they?

I love all of Lori Wick’s books, and this one was no exception. However, I don’t believe this is one of my favorites What I liked: I loved the small town setting and the insight into what life was like in the “western days.” I also liked the natural questions Maddie asked about spiritual things. She had never been taught that heaven existed or how to prepare for death, and her pastor talked around the answers, never satisfying her hunger. The natural progression of her doubts were believable and answered many questions an unbeliever might like to know about hell, death, and heaven.What I didn’t like: The characters could have used a little more development, and the story was somewhat predictable. There was also the unresolved question at the end of the book, whether Jace and Maddie would ever come to believe in God and accept his love.Although it might not compare in quality to some of her other books, it was nevertheless an enjoyable read, and I still consider her one of my favorite authors.

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It was hard to follow the beginning of the story, especially with the onslaught of character introductions. I also thought the story wrapping up only to find it continuing in increasingly frustrating ways. The story certainly lost its pace and floundered near the middle/end. Maddy's frustrated search for religion was underdeveloped. While grounded in her parents death it was never strongly established. Then ending the story with him teaching her how to swim was idiotic. I know it addressed her fear of drowning yet the thread was so thinly woven through the story that it didn't even feel redemptive.

Apparently the Tucker Mills Trilogy is something that you have to read all the books if you want to know if Maddie and Jace find the answers to their religious questions.I had a lot of trouble getting into this book. It start the prologue with no names or anything really and then jumped into the story. You would read maybe a page or page and a half if lucky and there would be a symbol/paragraph break and it would switch character perspective.After got into the story I really want to know what happens to the characters and that is really the only reason I am picking up book 2.

I rated this book pretty high, not because it was extraordinary but because of the truths that snuck in periodically. The truths that spoke to my heart in vocabulary that I might not normally use. And that being said, I continued on to read all the books in this trilogy.We read this as a book club offering this month and had some good discussion on it. One member said she didn't relate to the one character, Jace's sister Eden. But when I told her about this women I know, and regaled the group with stories, she "repented" of her statement. Luckily she has never known such a control freak.The one truth that kept coming back to me through the pages was to pray for those people whose names or faces might cross your mind. This is not a new concept for me but it was so plainly expressed that I knew I had been remiss in that. Sure I pray for those who are ill or dying or suffering. But there have been times when a name or face has crossed my consciousness and I just 'wondered' about him/her. Now I have attempted to do more...pray first but then make a phone call, stop in, send a loaf of bread. It's made a difference to my mind I think..I think I am more receptive and sure hope I can continue!But the one page I noted was where Douglas asks: what life do you want? The Life you WANT or the Life God wants you to have. It's all a choice. And we make it in every action. LOVED THAT REMINDER
—Susan Hatch

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