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Read Texas Tornado (Freebirds Book 5)

Texas Tornado (Freebirds Book 5)

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Texas Tornado (Freebirds Book 5) - Plot & Excerpts

-Biker Truth James Two weeks later I saw her as soon as she walked through the door. Of course I did. It’s like my body was fine tuned to hers, because in the next instant, her gaze met mine across the expanse of the room.
    I was sitting in a meeting with the rest of the SWAT team, listening to the captain harp on and on about teamwork. We were having the ‘monthly’ meeting at The Back Porch. We’d rented the back half of the restaurant for the next four hours. I was told that we’d go over our weekly schedules, hand out updates on anything and everything that had changed over the past month.
    Luke also told me he’d introduce the new guy, which was me.
    I’d contacted Luke the day after I moved back to my mom’s place. He’d laughed and told me to come fill out the employment forms, and I could start work the next day. Therefore, while Janie was off at school, I was filling out form after form of paperwork.

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