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Read Die Schwere Des Lichts (2011)

Die Schwere des Lichts (2011)

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Die Schwere Des Lichts (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

Although this book was readable, it wasn't one of my favorites. When Ellie, the main character, finds her deceased mother's journal, she discovers how different her mother was when she was younger. To figure out why her mother changed, she decides to find out more about a man who broke her mother's heart before she was born. In the process, she reconnects with an old boyfriend and realizes that things are missing in her life. While that's an interesting plot, this book just didn't seem believable to me and the ending was predictable. Consequently, I got through it, rather than enjoyed it. Not recommended. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book, but I decided to stick with it and I'm glad I did. This book opens with the main character, Ellie, at her Mother's funeral. We learn they had a tense, terse, appearance based relationship (who can't relate to that one?) and there was a lot of distance between them; however, Ellie always wanted to know her Mom better and be part of her life.As she's cleaning out her Mother's belongings so stumbles upon a journal that her Mother kept since she was a young teen. She only wrote in it on New Year's Eve of each year to record things of the past year and dreams for the next. As she begins to read her Mother's account of her teen/young adult years she discovers her straight laced, proper Southern lady on every committee known to man was involved in the Civil Rights activities in Georgia.Ellie seeks more answers but finds no one is willing to give her more information. She decides to take a few days away at her Mother's best friend's house on the beach. As she seeks more info, she finds more questions.I found it SO frustrating that everyone kept telling her to let it go, it's not your place, if you Mom wanted you to know then she would have told you, etc....but Ellie does NOT give up!Her searching and her discoveries provide her with more strength then she ever knew was possible.I DETESTED Rusty - I would like to back over him with my car a few times!Great book!

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