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When Light Breaks (2006)

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When Light Breaks (2006) - Plot & Excerpts

An excellent book and is the type of book that you will remember long after you've finished reading it. Ms. Henry is a great storyteller and her books are always good.In this book, the heroine Kara Larson is engaged to a pro-golfer and she thinks he is everything she has always wanted. But her friend tells her that she is talking about him like he is a prize won in a game and asks Kara why she loves him. She couldn't think of a good reason but told her friend he reminded her of Jack, her former next-door neighbor who she had loved while a child. His family had moved but he told her he would find her. She found him as a member of a new band and went to see him. They caught up on each other and he told her he loved her. She realized she loved him but she did not want to hurt anyone by having to cancel the wedding to the golfer. Then her father told her that her mother had left final words for her children. Follow your heart. Kara's heart told her she had never forgotten her first love (Jack) and never would.

I fell in love with Patti Callahan Henry earlier this summer and I am slowly making my way through her wonderful books. This one did not disappoint and I think this might be my favorite so far.The story of young love interrupted and the sudden re-appearance was not an original storyline, but Henry definitively made it her own and added some unique aspects to the story. While this book was not set in the low-country as many of her books are ( and one of my favorite parts) she still uses the imagery of the low-country. Overall a wonderful story- highly recommended.

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I enjoyed this book - while it lasted. I thought the story was okay. It was predictable, but I was expecting that. It's one of those first love, grow up and move on (kind of) go back to your first love type stories. I get where the author was going with throwing in visits to Maeve and how her stories worked with the larger story line of the whole book. I just wish it had been a little bit longer and more developed all around. There were so many stories, flashbacks and "Is it the truth? Or is it

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