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Read Perfect Love Song, The: A Holiday Story (2010)

Perfect Love Song, The: A Holiday Story (2010)

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Perfect Love Song, The: A Holiday Story (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

This was such a sweet story. The Novella took place, primarily, over two holiday seasons, with the magical backdrop of the South and Ireland. I loved the characters and they seemed so familiar to me (and then discovered, in the author discussion, that they also appeared in an early book written by the author – I should have caught that!). I also loved reading about life of a singer-songwriter on the road (who hasn’t had a crush on one of these types). The theme, that nothing else matters except love and family, is timeless, but really packed some punch when woven through the tales of the Irish. In fact, the book is also a love letter to Ireland. This book is a quick read (obviously perfect for the holiday season, in front of a Christmas tree and a warm fire), but it will last in your heart for quite a while. I was very disappointed. I struggled through the first chapter, flipped through the rest of the book to see if the disjointed writing and over dramatic voice continues through the story - it does - so I dropped it. I don't even know how to clearly explain my aversion - maybe it was that the first two pages of the story throw twenty characters at you, and then you're supposed to keep who's who straight. Maybe it was the cheesy, melodramatic writing. Or maybe it was that the story wasn't making any sense at all, and the story had no ability to establish credibility for me. All I know is that I was very very disappointed.

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Another good quick read. Very predictable. The characters are a little overblown as well.

Sappy escape read; short enough to finish on a round-trip flight to D.C. ;-)

LOVED THIS BOOK. Perfect holiday love story. Seriously.

Stupid. That's all I can say.

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