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Driftwood Summer (2009)

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Driftwood Summer (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

Although this is not my favorite book by Patti Callahan Henry, it was still a good read. I wish I could have given it 3.5 stars, instead of 3, because of the plot's predictability. But on the other hand, it kept me interested, and I am glad I read it. I'm not sure if Southern Writers seem to have a "thing" about writing about sisters, but that is who Driftwood Summer is about--3 estranged sisters that get together one summer to honor the demands of their 70 year old mother.Each sister in this family has good reason not to like the other, because of conflicts that occurred in their youth. But as adults, working together to have a week-long party for their mother's 70th birthday, and her bookstore's 200th birthday, they find that they have become different people. They also spend time together, allowing them to get re-acquainted with one-another. They are more mature,and thus, more open to one-another as well.The book is not full of many surprises, but is one of those sweet southern stories about the closeness of family, and the importance of friends in a small town in the South. It could have taken place on almost any coastal area, but the beach almost functions as one of the characters.I thought the story to be fairly simplistic plot, but the way that Patti Callahan Henry writes, brought it to life. She makes you feel that her characters are real people, and makes you want to find out what happens to them. Although it's not "literature" from a snobby point of view, Driftwood Summer was an enjoyable book if you're looking for something light and with a desirable ending. Ok, I would rate this three-and-a-half stars, but I think I consistently round down on here. I read Driftwood Summer today. The whole book. It moved extremely quickly, in part due to the simplicity of the characters, partially because of the predictability of the plot, and partly due to Patty Callahan Henry's smooth writing style. I definitely enjoyed the story, but I'm pretty sure it will blend into every other Lowcountry chick lit novel I've read, within a few weeks. The characters are mired in cliche, with their town laden with summer people not being the least of them. Perhaps all these people truly exist, and Adalee will show up in a Nicholas Sparks story down the road, or we'll see Maisy in the next Dorothea Benton Frank work; either way, I won't remember them.

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This would make a good beach read. Kinda predictable but interesting characters.

Another great story from Patti Callahan Henry - never disappoints!

Not really a romance but a pretty good story nonetheless.

FANTASTIC BOOK!!I loved every page!!!!!

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