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Read E Poi Ti Ho Trovato (2014)

E poi ti ho trovato (2014)

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E Poi Ti Ho Trovato (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

just found out i won this from goodreads 4/25/2014. cant wait till it arrives, thanks goodreads!i just got the book 5/23its really good so farthe girl and boy fell in love in school. he went to college to be a lawyer , she got her degree in social work and didnt want to just wait in the city for him to finish so took a job in another state as a wilderness guide for troubled girlshe didnt like her being away and she didnt seem to want to quit and come back. he married someone else after her last promise to come back didnt pan outthen she found out she was preg with a girl. she told him but it was too late, he was already marriedshe gave the baby up for adoption. she met some guy that loved her, but she never loved him teh way she loved her childhood sweetheart and is afraid he is going to ask her to marry him, she accidently found the ring in his drawershe makes up a errand to go to the town where her old boyfriend lives, he is divorced and has custody of his son. she sees them at the boys baseball game after following them from their house. her x sees her and invites her to pizza afterthats where i had to stop reading. its really good so far.the daughter they gave away found her sister on facebook so she got in contact with her and her adopted family. they were glad to find out the girl was in a really good familyit was really good. her and the boyfriend broke off and she married the old boyfriend and got pregnant. im really glad i won this book, it was good! And Then I Found You is a beautiful story of love, loss and redemption. The story revolves around a couple who in their teens realized they were soul mates. But people mature, interests change and sometimes the heart forgets to change with you. As Kate and Jack slip into early adulthood, their career paths and geographical foundations find themselves miles apart. A short reconciliation leaves Jack knowing that he can wait no longer and soon he finds himself married. The short reconciliation for Kate finds herself with child. Between the covers of this novel lies the story of choices, secrets, first loves and lasting loves. A beautiful story that tests the boundaries of love and the meaning of sacrifice. This would make a great discussion book.

What do You think about E Poi Ti Ho Trovato (2014)?

3.5 stars. I knew where the story would end but it was an enjoyable quick read.

Fun read but predictable. Another good light read for summer beach reading.

I really enjoyed it-a quick summer read.

Read in one day. Love this author.

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