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Do Over (2010)

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Do Over (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

As I read this book I felt as if you had been a fly on the wall in my very own home. Ok, not exactly word for word of my life, but wow, what a paraphrase! Here's the gist: I never get emotional, well hardly ever. My husband and I always joke that we are reincarnated and this time around I'm the man and he's the woman, he is much more sensitive than I am, but that is alright by me.So, back to my point, here I was reading another one of mari's great stories and I was actually getting chocked up, teary eyed, verclemped-me. As soon as I saw my hubby that night I told him he had to read this book, it was about us (again loosely about us, but still the similarities-wow).Here is the dish about D and K- high school sweethearts, both born and raised in a small town, dumped the day of her sweet 16-me-devastated, oh yeah. However right around the corner is her knight, her prince, her one true love-it just took me awhile to realize it, yet he fell for me right away, I mean I am pretty cute. We went to college together and 1 month after graduation we were married. 17 years later we are still happily married with 2 kids. He is my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my prince.  The book is so similar it's scary!We laugh during sex (which is the best) our love life has only gotten better as we've gotten older, I do love him more now than I did almost 23 years ago when we began dating. Mari's book hit on everything that I've felt and I had to have my husband read it so he'll know how I feel then, current, and in the future.I adore mari's dirty books, but this was a wonderful read.   4.5 stars rounded up to 5Hot short story about a couple reconnecting and discovering new things about each other after their kids have left home. The story is in the present, but we also get glimpses into the past through the letters Troy has written to Faith to read on the stops on their journey to revisit the important events and places from their past.Loved the story and the chemistry between the main characters. My only problem was that the story was short and I wanted to know more about Troy and Faith.

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5+ STARSOmg omg omg! This book is amazing!!!! Arousing, sweet, real, steamy. Must read!

I loved the concept of the story, but it lost something in translation.

Good sex scenes, emotional characters, romantic plot but too short.

Very sweet story of a married couple rekindling their love.

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