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Friday I'm in Love (2010)

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Friday I'm In Love (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

Natalie is having some sort of midlife crisis at 34. Her best friend Sky notices and decides to give her something to do compiling images of Teagan and him to gift her at their wedding. To do so she's staying with the Collins family for one week. One week where she'll be close to Ewan Collins. Ewan has been trying to get closer to Natalie for 3 years (since they met at that last The Universe concert in which Sky played) first it was only lust but as he got to know her better he realized he was falling for her, this week he takes it upon himself to teach her that life is to be lived and enjoyed and maybe, just maybe he can get her to open up and fall for him too.Really liked this book too. Never judge a series by the first book cover, LOL. I didn't want to pick this series at first, but since I like the author so much I decided to try and haven't been disappointed ever since. Can't wait to finish, even thought I'm trying to make it last. NOTE: I've read all 7 books in this series before writing this review, so I might make some comparisons every now and then. Even though I'll mention this in the reviews: the sex scenes are guaranteed flaming hot.I was apprehensive before I read this because I'm not exactly drawn to older women relationships. There's a six-year difference between Natalie and Ewan, but as I read on, I soon forgot about it because Ewan seems older than his years. The seven-day lessons for Natalie loosened her up. She's one of the cynic women who doesn't have a positive attitude, but she's a successful photographer.She's staying with the Collins family for a week and Ewan didn't hesitate to jump at the chance to spend more time with her. I like how creative he is, and one can see that he's really sweet and devoted. While Natalie has panic attacks because of a past tragedy, Ewan helped her regain herself. The sex here was amazingly hot as well, Ewan is another alpha male.Ewan faced a lot of obstacles but he persisted in breaking the barriers, and I liked the ending.

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I'm crazy about this series!! Can't get enough!

The best of the Wild Irish series so far!

I loved it.

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