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Saturday Night Special (2010)

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Saturday Night Special (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

By far the best and funnest of the series.. This could be a stand alone book.. Riley Collins and Aaron Young have been friends since they were 3 yrs old. Aaron has always been there to get the wild child of the Collins family out of trouble.. Riley's latest stunt has her taking off to Vegas with a guy friend on the outs with his wife.. The family turns to Aaron to go retrieve her when they find out. After he finally tracks her down and see's she is drunk and finally admits something he's been waiting to hear for a long time he takes her to a chapel and marries her.. Now when she wakes up in Aaron's arms she doesn't remember anything from the night before. And then the comedy commences.. We have the pissed off baseball bat swinging wife of the guy Riley went to Vegas with and who they promise to find even though they know he took off with a hooker the night before. And in looking for the husband they come across a down-on-her-luck hooker, and a Wayne Newton lookalike taxi driver who's in love with the hooker that ran off with the estranged husband they are looking for.. Clare C’s ReviewI’m in love with this couple. They are fun and funny. Riley is carefree and fun-loving. She effortlessly wraps everyone she meets around her finger. A character like this is difficult to convey without making her a flat caricature of a real person. In Mari Carr’s talented hands, she springs to life as a woman whose heart is always in the right place, but whose actions tend to get her in trouble. She is sexual and sensual, thoughtful and thought-provoking. She is beautiful and accessible, intensely likeable.Aaron is the perfect foil to Riley. As her lifelong best friend, he is adept at peeling back her layers and showing us all she is even better than she thinks. I love a romance where the hero can be the alpha when he needs to be and let his heroine shine when it’s her turn. There is something inherently sexy about a man who is self-possessed enough to celebrate his woman and to let her make him that much more of a man.The characters aside, Mari Carr spins a wonderful yarn. Riley has done something impulsive—again—and Aaron is forced to fly to Las Vegas to make sure she doesn’t make too big a mess. He never belittles her or gets angry at her for being herself. He manages to join forces with her to save the day without forcing her to compromise the things that make her wonderful. The sex was volcanic. Every time they came together, they celebrated their love while they set the sheets ablaze. The scenes including light bondage and domination served to develop their relationship and their deepening love and commitment to one another. Carr’s writing is fast-paced and full of wit. I could not put Saturday Night Special down. This was the first novel in the Wild Irish series I read, but it is not the first in the series. I cannot wait to read the rest of them. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for hot story from a writer with a sense of humor and an unerring talent for character and pacing.5 Tea Cups!

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I love it. Sorry if its short but no time do more.


nice, cute story

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