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Sweet Thursday (2010)

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Sweet Thursday (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

Killian Collins and Justin and Lily have been friends since high school. Lily always had a crush on them but never told them as she didnt see a way that she could love 2 men and she knew she could never chose between them. Killian and Justin go off to the Army and Lily to college. Ten years later at there High School reunion they run into Lily who is not the lilywhite nerd they remember from high school. Lily wants one thing from them. A night with both of them - a menage. Justin and Killian have shared women before so this isnt a problem but Killian has issues with this at first because he doesnt want to hurt the friendship between the 3 of them. Justin finally convinces him to do it and the one night only turns into the whole weekend. After her brother Chad catches her and throws a fit Lily finally calls a halt to the fun and says that all it could be - was just a one time deal because society would never accept all 3 of them as a couple. The best scenes in this one to me were between Justin and Sean (another Collins brother) Justin is struggling with everything - his shitty childhood and wanting the relationship between him and Lily and Killian to work. Sean gives him great advise and gives him the courage to go back and tell Lily and Killian they are going to fight to make this relationship work because he knows that everyone loves each other. The next scene that I liked was at Caitlyn's first birthday party when they all decide to tell the family about there arrangement. Pop as usual had great words of wisdom.. NOTE: I've read all 7 books in this series before writing this review, so I might make some comparisons every now and then. Even though I'll mention this in the reviews: the sex scenes are guaranteed flaming hot.After reading the description, I knew I would love this story. Killian, Tristan's twin is equally hot, and has been sharing women with his longtime best friend, Justin. Lily is their friend from high school, who always has the high grades, the straitlaced girl who can't do wrong. She's Chad's elder sister (Sean's best friend).I liked her point of view. She's a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Through the years, she became more attractive, not the nerdy girl anymore. She always loved her two male friends and lusted after them, but since they're gentlemen when it comes to her, they never saw her that way. The love is there, but it didn't go to lust. Now ten years after, Lily finally voiced her fantasies and though one of them wasn't quick to agree, they went ahead with it. A night turned into a weekend and there were complications after that, but soon resolved.Going back, I loved all the triplings here, Lily was more daring and provocative, she just set K and J's pants on fire. With every scene, there's always love and I just couldn't get enough of them. When it's back to reality time, Justin really fought for their trio, because Killian was always the levelheaded one. It was cool how Sean, even though he's the youngest, understood what they're going through and even suggested to Justin some things. Later in the series, we'll find out why. Again, the unconventional Collins family accepted them. This is another of my faves.

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i moving on still loving the series ... i have to finish it..

So far this was my favorite book!!! Love it!

I liked it alot. Bedroom scenes were hot!

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