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Mari Carr
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Southern Comfort (2011)

Seemed a quicker read than the first one. As in, I started reading it on my lunch break and finished reading it by 8:30pm after I got home from work. (So... read for maybe 30 minutes at lunch, then started reading it about 5:30pm)But I actually really enjoyed it. I like Seth.I wouldn't have minde...

Southern Comfort (2011) by Mari Carr

Western Ties (2012)

Now I was looking forward to reading about Sawyer and you didn't disappoint me cause he is yummy and his Dominance just makes him gorgeous so he needs a special woman to compliment him and a kindergarten teacher doesn't seam right but Leah is totally as her fastacy gets to come true she wasn't ex...

Western Ties (2012) by Mari Carr

Tequila Truth (2008)

Oh this was so hot, but I only wished it was longer. I don't know why I invest in novellas, because I only want more. I was all giddy with happiness while reading this. Makes me want to start my own game of Tequila Truth with my friends. I love honesty and facing problems head on, so this was...

Tequila Truth (2008) by Mari Carr

Erotic Research (2008)

Ross, Julia's editor, has sent her to stay at his cabin in the woods to write her first erotic genre novel. Little does Julia know that her sexy editor has plans in store for her and they are more intense than anything she has every experienced. While the story has pretty decent sex scenes, I w...

Erotic Research (2008) by Mari Carr

Ruby Tuesday (2009)

Rudy is the second oldest and the free spirit of the family. She is the musician that is happy to sing in a pub and compose her own music and share within her small circle. Fates twist and now she is paired up with a rock star to write music, and play a few sex games along the way. He figures out...

Ruby Tuesday (2009) by Mari Carr

Rough Cut (2010)

I really liked this book and would have given it 4 stars but for two things. Gwen's self loathing over her sexuality especially when it was painfully [pun intended] obvious that Ty shared her kinks and the ending seemed rushed as if the author wanted to wrap up this story quickly and move on. I...

Rough Cut (2010) by Mari Carr

Winter's Thaw (2013)

I really liked this book. I especially enjoyed that it was more realistic in that she doesn't go from liking this guy to marrying him by the end of the book. I won't give away the ending but it is more realistic for a girl to act that way after getting out of a long term relationship. I liked thi...

Winter's Thaw (2013) by Mari Carr

Sweet Thursday (2010)

Killian Collins and Justin and Lily have been friends since high school. Lily always had a crush on them but never told them as she didnt see a way that she could love 2 men and she knew she could never chose between them. Killian and Justin go off to the Army and Lily to college. Ten years later...

Sweet Thursday (2010) by Mari Carr

Saturday Night Special (2010)

By far the best and funnest of the series.. This could be a stand alone book.. Riley Collins and Aaron Young have been friends since they were 3 yrs old. Aaron has always been there to get the wild child of the Collins family out of trouble.. Riley's latest stunt has her taking off to Vegas with ...

Saturday Night Special (2010) by Mari Carr

Friday I'm in Love (2010)

Natalie is having some sort of midlife crisis at 34. Her best friend Sky notices and decides to give her something to do compiling images of Teagan and him to gift her at their wedding. To do so she's staying with the Collins family for one week. One week where she'll be close to Ewan Collins. Ew...

Friday I'm in Love (2010) by Mari Carr

Party Naked (2011)

This book was slow to start, but once it did, the dialogue was witty, the sex was hot, and the chemistry was real. They're so cute! :) I laughed at their banter, and these characters were so fun to go on the romantic journey with. I love that this story acknowledges the stereotypes of the romance...

Party Naked (2011) by Mari Carr

Scoring (2009)

This was a good short read.Tony Peterson is the Coach at Lowell High and he is very attracted to the schools Choir Director Melanie Ward. Every time they are around one another he expresses his desire to date her but, Melanie doesn't believe that he has good intentions and spurs his advances.Afte...

Scoring (2009) by Mari Carr

Do Over (2010)

As I read this book I felt as if you had been a fly on the wall in my very own home. Ok, not exactly word for word of my life, but wow, what a paraphrase! Here's the gist: I never get emotional, well hardly ever. My husband and I always joke that we are reincarnated and this time around I'm the m...

Do Over (2010) by Mari Carr

Because You Love Me (2012)

This was a good book... Not the best but good. The sex scenes were very tame, not too detailed. The thing I really liked about this book was the fact that there was a story to it, not just sex after sex after sex. The actually story itself was a really good one. About a woman who goes into safe h...

Because You Love Me (2012) by Mari Carr

Everything Nice

Travers, Taylor and Anderson were throwing an end-of-summer bash out by the river to celebrate the first anniversary of their successful engineering firm, and Allie was having a great time although she was fairly sure she’d be sorry about the number of beers she’d consumed tomorrow. She glanced d...

Everything Nice by Mari Carr

Wild Card: Boys of Fall

Glen: Almost to Texas Toby: Texas? Thought you went back to Nashville Glen: I did. To pack a bag Toby: Didn’t mean for you to leave town Glen: Needed a break Toby: Probably a good idea. Take some time. Get your head screwed on straight. I’ll be in touch Three months later “Well, this is one hell ...

Wild Card: Boys of Fall by Mari Carr

Slam Dunk: Black & White Collection (2011)

The student had decided to rap about the dangers of smoking and Trey was recapping some of the funnier lines. “Oh my God,” she said, laughing. “You gotta stop. You’re making my stomach hurt. How were you able to sit in class with a straight face and grade that?” Trey...

Slam Dunk: Black & White Collection (2011) by Mari Carr

Forbidden Legacy

DuboisBDSM Checklist, Book One Do you know your A, B, Cs? The overseers of LA’s most exclusive BDSM club have a sexy new game that all members must play, and experienced sub Anna has no choice but to participate, despite the fact that she is only months away from being bonded. Master Jensen knows...

Forbidden Legacy by Mari Carr

Rough Draft: Big Easy

His legs were sprawled open, hanging over the edges, his pants and shirt open. Blood covered his chest and legs, but that wasn’t the most horrifying part as her gaze traveled to his face. It was contorted in pain, even after death And stuffed in the man’s mouth, was his penis.    &...

Rough Draft: Big Easy by Mari Carr

Full Moon

Anal4. BondageJosie looked at her phone. She’d found the number to Blue Moon in the phone book nearly half an hour earlier and since then, she’d been holding a stare-down with her cell. He’d warned her last time that if she came back again, he’d want more from her.And she’d truly left Jake’s apar...

Full Moon by Mari Carr

Red Zone: Boys of Fall

It was late afternoon. She hadn’t considered her timing after she’d walked out of the bar. She’d had a single-minded purpose and that was to come here.     And that was what she’d done after a quick pit stop at her apartment for a shower, some primping, a sexier shirt and the ...

Red Zone: Boys of Fall by Mari Carr

Elemental Pleasure

She stepped out of them, suddenly a little shy. Now that she’d accepted these men would be with her for the rest of her life, it was nerve-wracking to stand before them naked. What if they didn’t like what they saw? What if she wasn’t the type of woman they were normally attracted to?   ...

Elemental Pleasure by Mari Carr

Waiting for Wednesday

Her stomach was full of butterflies, her heart racing, her hands shaking and her head pounding. This could not be a good sign. What was she thinking to agree to such an arrangement? She followed the brothers’ progress down the hall as they put her belongings in Riley’s room. She’d elected to room...

Waiting for Wednesday by Mari Carr

Triple Beat-nook

“Where the hell is she?” Bryson asked.     They’d woken up half an hour earlier to discover the sun setting and Dani gone. Aiden had called her cell half a dozen times, but she must have turned it off. It kept going to voicemail.     “You think we came on t...

Triple Beat-nook by Mari Carr

Crash Point-epub

Pass the potatoes, pipsqueak.”     Chloe gave her brother Jett a dirty look, but passed the bowl of scalloped potatoes as she did so.     Jett dipped out a healthy portion before handing the bowl to their foster brother, Zac.     Jett lo...

Crash Point-epub by Mari Carr

Fix You

She gave him a funny look, though she was still grinning from ear to ear. Both of them had probably resembled a couple of lunatics when they’d walked out of the doctor’s office this afternoon. The chemo worked. She’d been given a clean bill of health. While she’d still have to go back fairly ofte...

Fix You by Mari Carr

Sugar and Spice

For a moment, she struggled to remember where she was. When she recalled, she felt a grin cross her lips. Glancing at the clock on the bedside table, she could see it was only a little past one in the morning. She had been with Ryan less than four hours and yet it seemed as if they’d lived a life...

Sugar and Spice by Mari Carr

Power Play: A Black & White Collection Story (2011)

to prove it. And when she gathers her courage and walks into Jack Wade’s office, she has no idea he’ll be the sexiest man she’s ever encountered, nor that his light Cajun accent will make her tingle in all the wrong—or is that right?—places. After Jack brings her que...

Power Play: A Black & White Collection Story (2011) by Mari Carr

Something Sparked-nook

The bright light in the room told him they’d slept later than normal. He grinned when he realized Jeannette hadn’t woken up once during the night. For the first time since she had moved in with them, she’d slept through without any nightmares or panic attacks.     His mind rep...

Something Sparked-nook by Mari Carr

Bachelor's Bait

“You’re late,” Stephanie called out from behind the bar.     “I don’t care. You’re lucky I’m here at all.”     Jayne’s head popped up from behind a bookshelf. “Hot damn. You had sex.”     Sophie grinned and nodded. “I did and it was incr...

Bachelor's Bait by Mari Carr

In the Running

Every day lasted an eternity. However, now that the day they would meet had actually arrived, Noelle felt completely ill-prepared. She’d driven from New York to Washington D.C. with Ross and Julia and she had to admit having her family come with her had been a godsend. They’d had such a fun time,...

In the Running by Mari Carr

04 Screaming Orgasm

He’d been a fool to think he could fight his attraction to this beauty forever. He’d noticed her the very first night he’d ventured into Books and Brew nearly three years earlier. In fact, she was the main reason he had returned. While the bar-slash-bookstore was a charming place to while away a ...

04 Screaming Orgasm by Mari Carr

Under the Lights

He’d meant to draw the scene out, drag Becca’s anticipation on for as long as possible. As always, the little minx turned the tables on him and managed to grasp the upper hand by triggering his jealousy. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her since she’d left the dressing room and taken her place under...

Under the Lights by Mari Carr


“What the hell?” She was barefoot and dressed in just her robe as she threw open her door and nearly collided with Cheryl in the hallway. “What the hell was that?” Cheryl asked. “No idea. Come on.” Jill led the way down the staircase. A chilly breeze caught her at the bottom, causing her to shive...

ThreeReasonsWhy by Mari Carr

After Burn

The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writers’ imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locale or organizations is entirely coincidental. Important note After Burn is not a...

After Burn by Mari Carr

Blank Canvas-epub

After Jennifer explained the daisy, their conversation slowly faded away as he lost himself in the art. He’d taken his time with this tat, putting special care into every single line. The design was simple, honest, elegant. It reminded him of the woman lying in front of him, the beauty who was go...

Blank Canvas-epub by Mari Carr

Wild Irish Christmas (Wild Irish, Book Eight)

“Thanks, Pat. Could I have a glass of water? I have a tickle in my throat.” “Sure thing.” Patrick poured a glass of cool water and handed it to her across the bar. He’d been trying to work up the courage to ask her out for several weeks, but something had always prevented him from making the requ...

Wild Irish Christmas (Wild Irish, Book Eight) by Mari Carr

Full Position

She’d snuck out of the sex club shortly before dawn, neither man waking as she quietly dressed and then got the hell out of Dodge.She’d managed to take a very long hot shower and a half-hour catnap on the couch, but it looked as though time had run out. She hadn’t expected either man to take her ...

Full Position by Mari Carr

Status Update

Sometimes there’s nothing more cleansing than bawling your eyes out when the Titanic goes down or when Bette Midler sings “Wind Beneath my Wings” in Beaches. When I watch those movies, it makes me realize that my life’s not as bad as it seems.   Laura washed her soup bowl and spoon, placing them ...

Status Update by Mari Carr

Off Limits (Sparks in Texas Book 4)

It was simply a stroke of luck that her new toys had arrived that morning and she’d decided to unpack them to take a peek. After that, she’d lost track of time, fantasizing about Logan using all the toys on her until she’d been late for work and had left them lying on the bed. Logan was still res...

Off Limits (Sparks in Texas Book 4) by Mari Carr

Any Given Sunday

He needed a jolt—or several—of caffeine if he was going to make it through the next few minutes without fucking up. He’d tossed and turned and jacked off all night as he lay on the couch thinking about Lauren’s proposition and that damn kiss. She’d reached into his head, pulled out all his naught...

Any Given Sunday by Mari Carr

Sapphire Falls: Going Too Fast (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Big Easy Book 7)

Hell, he could tell she wasn’t in the RV at all. It was too still, too quiet. He couldn’t quite explain it to himself, but there was an energy in the air whenever she was around. It was a silly thought, but it was the only way he could describe it. His body seemed to know whenever she was within ...

Sapphire Falls: Going Too Fast (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Big Easy Book 7) by Mari Carr

Screwdriver (2012)

Casey had claimed her other side. They were a month into their unusual relationship. Gabriel tried to remember if there was ever a moment in his life when he’d been happier. His memory couldn’t land on a single time. The morning after their first date, they’d decided to take things slow, agreeing...

Screwdriver (2012) by Mari Carr

Bound by the Past

Reilly stood in the doorway.     “Hello.” He smiled at her. “I was in the area and thought I’d stop by.”     She returned his smile, although something inside her stirred uneasily. After Night’s confessions about being born on a commune and the revelation a...

Bound by the Past by Mari Carr

Come Monday

she said as she met him at the door of his apartment four days later. “Hiya yourself,” he said, grabbing her up and kissing her. “Mmm,” she said after a long, deep kiss. “That kiss almost makes it worth not seeing you for a few days.” “You can have kisses like that anytime you want. Believe me, I...

Come Monday by Mari Carr

Seducing the Boss (The Pulse Series)

Kellan considered the wisdom of pushing her, but she’d unleashed something inside him he couldn’t tuck away after her enthusiastic blowjob in the car.     Jesus. He’d anticipated making small talk on the way home, while trying not to lose any momentum. She was nervous about ta...

Seducing the Boss (The Pulse Series) by Mari Carr

Primal Passion

She’d risen well before dawn after a restless night spent sleeping on the thin cot in her office. Her mother would read her the riot act if she knew how often she stayed at the lab. Most nights she worked so late she couldn’t be bothered driving across town to her tiny apartment. She wasn’t marri...

Primal Passion by Mari Carr

Scorching Desire

“I have a bean-bag gun.”     Marco nodded. “That seems fair, doesn’t it?”     Damon threw his hands in the air. “Not the face—I have to go to court.”     Tasha patted his shoulder as she went into the house. Marco tried and failed to hid...

Scorching Desire by Mari Carr

Happy Hour: From the Black & White Collection

“Never wanted to play around there?” he clarified and she grinned. “Let’s just say I’ve never had an offer.” He wiggled his finger and she was surprised by the dark, but definitely intriguing, sensations that touch provoked. He bent down to kiss her cheek, his lips moving slowly toward her ear. H...

Happy Hour: From the Black & White Collection by Mari Carr

The Back-Up Plan

talk during sex is illegal.   Two days later, Kristen paced the living room floor, waiting impatiently for a knock on her door. She’d called in sick this morning, certain it would bug the hell out of Jason, but seeing no other way around it. She had a plan to set in motion and she needed to take ...

The Back-Up Plan by Mari Carr

Over the Threshold

Her body was humming from Parker’s incredible lovemaking. She was sated, yet still hungry. It was a potent combination. She’d thrown the T-shirt and jeans she’d worn to work back on. It was amazing to her to think she’d been standing behind the bar, serving up drinks only a few hours earlier. It ...

Over the Threshold by Mari Carr

One Daring Night

“I’m telling you, man. You were smart to take yourself off the meat market.”     Alex Dare shook his head. “I don’t think it was a completely conscious decision. Took one look at Madison and that was it for me. Believe me, up until I met her, I thought I was pretty happy feast...

One Daring Night by Mari Carr


He wasn’t a monk. He’d dated lots of women and he’d held more than a few overnights in his house, but for some reason, he was putting some sort of significance on this night. He wanted Stephanie to like his house and he was praying they were compatible in bed. God knew they seemed to be a perfect...

PartyNaked by Mari Carr

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