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Scoring (2009)

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Scoring (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

This was a good short read.Tony Peterson is the Coach at Lowell High and he is very attracted to the schools Choir Director Melanie Ward. Every time they are around one another he expresses his desire to date her but, Melanie doesn't believe that he has good intentions and spurs his advances.After encouragement from her friends, Melanie decides to allow Tony to cook her dinner and things between the two Quickly heat up but, she isn't sure about Tony because she doesn't do fly by night romances.Melanie has to decide if she is willing to give Tony a chance and risk her heart. This free short story was alright. I felt like there could have been more to it and less rushed, but nonetheless I liked it. It begins with two teachers joking around while on their lunch break. Coach Tony wants nothing more than to take Melanie out for a date. Melanie always turns him down but when he asked her one last time she could see some sort of truth and longing behind his eyes so she said yes. She goes to his house for dinner but don’t make it to the dinner table. That was the rushed part. I think the rest is self-explanatory. I would recommend to anyone looking for a really really short read that leads to a bit of spanking in the bedroom – actually, staircase. Ha!

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I liked it until the cheesy ending .

Cute and zero to sixty quick.


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