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Read Helen And Troy's Epic Road Quest (2013)

Helen and Troy's Epic Road Quest (2013)

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Helen And Troy's Epic Road Quest (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

As was her habit, she thoroughly brushed her neck, shoulders, and arms to keep shedding to a minimum. She usually did her whole body, but she wasn’t going to leave telltale hair in the bathroom.Troy wasn’t dumb. He had to know that she shed. This was more for her than for anyone else. Much as she hated to admit it, there were plenty of things about minotaurism that bothered her.She sneaked back into the room, went into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, polished her horns, and finished getting dressed. Troy was still asleep. Rather than wake him, she went for a walk. Since there was no place to walk to, she did a few laps around the motel. Out of sheer boredom she checked out the office.The same shaggy clerk was at the desk. He raised his head and waited for her to say something.“Uh…sorry,” she said. “Just killing some time. Can’t get back to sleep.”He leaned back in his chair and flipped through his magazine.Helen studied a rack of brochures against the wall. There were two dozen of them, though no duplicates of any.“It’s so nobody follows anybody,”

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