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Gilbert L. Morris

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The Victims of Nimbo (2000)

The Cloud People need the Seven Sleepers' help, but the boys are gone on a hunting trip. Sarah and Abby decide not to wait for them. Maybe they can solve the problem all by themselves. Big mistake. What they can't see coming is trouble with an evil high priest who will put Sarah's life in danger....

The Victims of Nimbo (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

The Temptations of Pleasure Island (2000)

The Seven Sleepers get to take a much-needed vacation. Traveling to a place called Pleasure Island, they find a virtual paradise where games and parties are constantly happening. Gambling is the norm and if some unlucky person loses everything they have, they are forced to work as slaves in the m...

The Temptations of Pleasure Island (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

The Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo (2000)

The Seven Sleepers have seen their share of strange animals in Nuworld. But Josh and his friends have never seen anything like the animals in Dr. Korbo's country. Where did squirrels the size of elephants come from, anyway' Is the evil doctor somehow responsible' God knows how to put his people i...

The Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

City of the Cyborgs (2000)

Although the Seven Sleepers don't know anything about cyborgs, they agree to help their new friend Rainor rescue his sweetheart from them. But the city of the cyborgs is totally bizarre. The Sleepers get in, but they can't get out. Watch Josh and Sarah and your other Sleeper friends tackle their ...

City of the Cyborgs (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

The Terrible Beast of Zor (2000)

The King of Madria is dying and the armies of Zor have surrounded the kingdom. Some people in the kingdom have even started to follow the Dark Lord. Losing ground, the armies of Madria need a leader. The Prince, who only cares for himself and what makes him happy, is not interested in this role. ...

The Terrible Beast of Zor (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

Flight Of The Eagles (1994)

Josh Adams, 14, awakes from a 50-year sleep. Ancient prophecy commands him and the other Sleepers to unite in battle against the evil priests, and combat the doubt that threatens their faith.

Flight Of The Eagles (1994) by Gilbert L. Morris

Voyage of the Dolphin (1996)

How lucky can they get? It's relaxation time, and the Seven Sleepers are vacationing on an ocean-going ship. How much trouble can they get into on vacation? Almost before they can sort out what's happening, Josh, Sarah, and their friends find themselves entangled with a handsome sea captain who c...

Voyage of the Dolphin (1996) by Gilbert L. Morris

The Gates of Neptune (1994)

After a harrowing escape from the army of the Sanhedrin, Joshua Adams and his six young companions are thrust into yest another battle against Elmas, Chief Interrogator of the Sanhedrin and servent of the dark Lord Necros.Fulfilling the legend of old, the Seven Sleepers seek to follow their Spiri...

The Gates of Neptune (1994) by Gilbert L. Morris

The Savage Games of Lord Zarak (2000)

The Seven Sleepers are confronted by an evil king involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse. He punishes perceived wrongdoers by giving them a no-win choice: be imprisoned in a dungeon for life or take a chance at freedom by escaping from his estate past his savage hunting dogs.The game is deadl...

The Savage Games of Lord Zarak (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

The Sword of Camelot (1995)

Join the Seven Sleepers on another adventure filled with swords, shields, and knights! When the situation grows dim, the Seven Sleepers call upon the power of Goel to fight the servants of the Dark Lord.

The Sword of Camelot (1995) by Gilbert L. Morris

Empress of the Underworld (1996)

"e;I'm not going!"e; Abbey declared, "e;And that's final!"e; Their spiritual leader, God, has issued another assignment, and the Seven Sleepers are off and running. Well, most of them are, but not Abbey- not this time. How can Abbey know that she is about to make the biggest mista...

Empress of the Underworld (1996) by Gilbert L. Morris

Escape with the Dream Maker (1997)

Something strange and terrible has been happening in Nuworld. Some of God's most trusted servants have disappeared- simply vanished! With only a list of the missing persons and a secret password, God has sent the Seven Sleepers on another mission: "Find My servants and bring them back, but be ver...

Escape with the Dream Maker (1997) by Gilbert L. Morris

The Spell of the Crystal Chair (2000)

The Dark Lord has been busy, and once again Goel is sending the Seven Sleepers to spoil his plans. This time Josh and his friends are off to Whiteland, a place of sled dogs and igloos, polar bears, and seals. The Sleepers soon learn that Whiteland is also the home of the dreaded ice wraiths, the ...

The Spell of the Crystal Chair (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

The Final Kingdom (1997)

The battle is near! The Seven Sleepers have been sent on one last mission before the final battle with the Dark Lord. "Alert three more groups of my people," instructed God. "You must go to the Land of Ice, to the Centaurs, and to Celethorn, Land of the Magicians." Join the Seven Sleepers as they...

The Final Kingdom (1997) by Gilbert L. Morris

The Caves That Time Forgot (1995)

The Dark Lord's power has spread to the mysterious Caves of Mondar. The Seven Sleepers are called to free the people there by teaching them the virtues of honor, dignity, and generosity.

The Caves That Time Forgot (1995) by Gilbert L. Morris

Terrible Beast of Zor (2000)

He was aware that his body was sore all over, and he rolled over and snorted and tried to go back to sleep. Then a bird began singing close by, and opening his eyes to a slant, he saw that dawn had arrived. With a groan he sat up and looked around. The other Sleepers and the prince were all lumps...

Terrible Beast of Zor (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

Final Kingdom

They were much farther from the city of Celethorn than they had thought. Glori determined this the next day after going on a scouting expedition. She came back with a worried expression on her face. “I was wrong. It is the ridge beyond the one you see where the Land of the Magicians lies.” Abbey ...

Final Kingdom by Gilbert L. Morris

Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo

Korbo 7A New Leader Sarah hid a smile behind her hand. She hadn’t seen such a funny sight in a long time. It was feeding time in the section reserved for the babies. The Sleepers were all gathered to help, and Sarah suppressed a giggle as she looked at the four boys attempting to carry out their ...

Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo by Gilbert L. Morris

Yankee Belles in Dixie (1995)

The excitement after the victory at Bull Run was still there to a degree, but the casualties of the battle were horrible. The Federals had 1,500 dead and wounded and had lost more than 1,400 as prisoners. These, Jeff learned, had been herded through Richmond, where crowds chanted, “Live Yankees! ...

Yankee Belles in Dixie (1995) by Gilbert L. Morris

Victims of Nimbo (2000)

It was made of small saplings fastened together with vines. For a moment Sarah became almost ill, for, in spite of the size of the trees, she could feel the platform swaying under her. A brisk breeze rustled through the glossy green leaves that formed the canopy overhead. Looking up, she could se...

Victims of Nimbo (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

Attack of the Amazons

Their weapons had been stripped from them immediately, and if they lagged they were prodded forward at sword point. Josh tried to speak to Princess Merle. He suggested that there was some ingratitude involved here— after all, they had saved her life! “You don’t have to take us prisoners like this...

Attack of the Amazons by Gilbert L. Morris

Caves That Time Forgot (2010)

“A pretty narrow view, isn’t it?” Dave muttered when Josh gave him this information. “Pretty egotistical, if you ask me.” “I think that’s not unusual though,” Josh said. “Some of the American Indian tribes—the Sioux, I think—thought the same thing. And others.” “Look!” Wash said. “I think it’s ti...

Caves That Time Forgot (2010) by Gilbert L. Morris

Savage Games of Lord Zarak

Fear shot through him, and he sat up, bracing his back against the cell wall. Only a pale light came through the grate of his dungeon door, just enough for the guards to see through. But his eyes were accustomed to the darkness, and shock ran over him when he saw a figure standing in the cell. He...

Savage Games of Lord Zarak by Gilbert L. Morris

Bring the Boys Home (1997)

He woke each morning hungry and faint, and others around him were even worse. Each day men limped out of camp or were carried on stretchers behind the lines. “We can’t go on like this, Tom.” Jeff had eaten a small portion of cornbread soaked with bacon fat, his portion of the breakfast, and now h...

Bring the Boys Home (1997) by Gilbert L. Morris

Secret of Richmond Manor (1995)

Tom threatened to stick his head under the pump if he didn’t straighten up. “You’re acting like a bear with a sore tail,” he told him sternly. “We’ve got a war to fight here, and you’re not helping any acting like a spoiled brat.” Jeff glared at him but made no answer, for he knew Tom was right. ...

Secret of Richmond Manor (1995) by Gilbert L. Morris

Blockade Runner (1996)

Her hair presented the greatest problem. It was so long and thick and heavy that she usually washed it on a warm day, then sat outside and let the sun’s warmth dry it. Now, however, the best she could do was towel it vigorously, plait it into braids and finally wind it into a coronet on the back ...

Blockade Runner (1996) by Gilbert L. Morris

Gallant Boys of Gettysburg (1996)

“I sure hope they don’t have goober peas in heaven,” he muttered. “I think I’ve eaten enough of ’em down here on earth.” “Why, Jeff, you ought to be glad to get good cookin’ like that.” The speaker was an undersized boy of fourteen with tow-colored hair and blue eyes. Charlie Bowers had been with...

Gallant Boys of Gettysburg (1996) by Gilbert L. Morris

Spell of the Crystal Chair (2000)

Balog was short, squat, and powerful. He had long, stringy black hair that sometimes hung down over his dark eyes. There was something proud and angry in his expression. He was obviously a man of a quick temper. Seated on the fur-covered floor with his war council, Balog suddenly struck the groun...

Spell of the Crystal Chair (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

Sword of Camelot (2010)

At eleven o'clock the next day he appeared in their cell, announcing, “The royal family is waiting to receive you.” As Elendar led the boys out of their cell and turned right, Josh asked, “Have you talked to the king about us?” “Yes. I have told him that you are to be trusted. However, the Sword ...

Sword of Camelot (2010) by Gilbert L. Morris

Battle of Lookout Mountain (1996)

Sarah said very little the day following the dance; otherwise she went about her work as usual. Late that afternoon, while she and her mother were making a quilt, the subject of Tom Majors came up. “Sarah,” her mother said quietly, “you’re troubled about Tom.” “Yes, I am. Aren’t you?” Mrs. Carter...

Battle of Lookout Mountain (1996) by Gilbert L. Morris

Temptations of Pleasure Island (2000)

“I am sorry to inform you, my lord, that your son has escaped.” The king hung his head sadly. “I can’t believe all this is happening,” he muttered. “It is indeed grievous, Your Majesty,” Lady Maeve said smoothly. “But we will hope to capture him. If the prince would only submit himself to my care...

Temptations of Pleasure Island (2000) by Gilbert L. Morris

Gates of Neptune

For a long time Reb did not move at all, and the smallest of the Seven Sleepers grew more and more despondent. He closed his eyes and was saying a prayer to Goel when all of the sudden a faint voice said, “Hey, what you doin’ there, Wash?” Wash's eyes flew open, and he saw that Reb was moving his...

Gates of Neptune by Gilbert L. Morris

Soldier Boy's Discovery (1996)

Amos Golden was a Quaker. He had lived in Sharpsburg all of his life and knew everyone, not only in town but on every farm in a thirty-mile radius. Now as he stood outside his farmhouse door, he wondered if he would ever be able to forget what had happened the previous day. “What is thee staring ...

Soldier Boy's Discovery (1996) by Gilbert L. Morris

Encounter at Cold Harbor (1997)

Her chubby arms and legs were dimpled, and her blonde hair fell around her face in ringlets. She tripped suddenly and fell on her face. Leah dropped her sewing and crossed the room to pick up the little girl, saying, “Be careful! You’ll hurt yourself.” Esther said, “No, not hurt!” and grinned hap...

Encounter at Cold Harbor (1997) by Gilbert L. Morris

Drummer Boy at Bull Run (1995)

“Pa, it looks like this is about all we can carry.” Her father had been trying to force a small package full of needles into a crevice. He turned and shrugged his shoulders, and a smile was on his thin lips. “I guess you’re right, Leah. Don’t even have room left for this last package.” He shoved ...

Drummer Boy at Bull Run (1995) by Gilbert L. Morris

Fire Over Atlanta (1997)

“Did you have it out with Drake?” “Yes, I did, but I don’t feel good about it.” Rosie stood looking at the ground. “He’s been my best friend for a long time, Royal.” “I know. It’s hard to fight with a friend.” “I reckon it is.” “Where is he now?” “Headed out somewhere. You better go catch him, Ro...

Fire Over Atlanta (1997) by Gilbert L. Morris

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