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Crash Point-epub - Plot & Excerpts

Pass the potatoes, pipsqueak.”
    Chloe gave her brother Jett a dirty look, but passed the bowl of scalloped potatoes as she did so.
    Jett dipped out a healthy portion before handing the bowl to their foster brother, Zac.
    Jett looked at her and shook his head. “Damn, girl. Where the hell are you today? I asked you three times to hand me those before you even heard me saying your name.”
    She shrugged. She’d been floundering around, lost in her own thoughts since running into Blake again at the studio on Thursday. Seeing him had brought up a whole bunch of feelings—sadness, regret, anger—as well as an unbearable mountain of lust. He’d been her first and, while she’d never admit as much to the asshole, there was some truth to that line about him ruining her for all other men. While she’d taken her fair share of lovers, Blake had always been the yardstick she’d compared them to and none had measured up.

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