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More Than A Friend Request (2012)

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Julie Prestsater

More Than A Friend Request (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

I loved reading this book! It's a fun and easy read. I liken it to stepping inside a rom/com movie. It's endearing and so stupidly sweet that I think I got a cavity. Most of it is so ridiculously over the top. It's definitely one of those 'it could only happen in a perfect world' stories- but it works with this book. You will absolutely love- with a capital L- Danny! If you're looking for a light read that will leave a smile on your face at then end, this is for you! PS: Would have loved it if Hannah had gotten to get her verbal bitch slap on Amber and bust out the Momma Bear claws. I had really high hopes for this book after reading Against a Wall (which I LOVED!!) . . . the premise was believable (heck, I could relate!), and I found myself drawn into the story pretty quickly. But as things progressed, it was just too sacchariney (sp?) for me. I am all for happily ever after, but real life is messy - and this story was just too sweet and complication free to be believable.

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This was a sweet short story about a 2nd chance romance.

A great easy and quick read!

Very cute, quick read

Loved it-quick read.

I want more!!!

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