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So I'm a Double Threat (2010)

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So I'm A Double Threat (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

I started out HATING the main character. Honestly. She was very annoying and I could only pray she grew up fast. I saw her grow as a person, and while some of her habits that could get her in trouble stayed, her attitude matured. I was disappointed that all the partying and drinking didn't show real life results. Everybody got home ok. Nobody had blood poisoning. Nobody injured someone else driving drunk. No parent acted like a real parent and grounded them hard. That took away from the book for me. But I appreciated the relationship strains and that was a good draw for me. This book was sweet and full of teen angst like no other. Megan and her closest friends embark on a brand new journey together filled with drama, angst, backstabbing, manipulative and downright cranky girls… in other words, high school. Before their first year of high school starts, Megan develops a new crush. One she knows is probably never going to happen. Not because she isn’t good enough or pretty enough, but because she isn’t old enough. I mean, Alex is a senior and to avoid sounding like a scene from one of my favorite teen movies, “he’s taken, I mean really taken.” But when his relations ends, he is suddenly available again. But he is not looking at her. He is look at her best friend Amy… uh oh…Yup, Amy, new to the whole chicks stick together thing, starts dating Alex and their relationship progresses through the entire book. Megan is constantly on the sidelines wondering why it’s not her. Well that’s until Ben walks into the picture. Ben thinks Megan is worth it and for a time, Megan lets her feelings for Alex go and begins to wander in the direction of Ben… but of course, what kind of angsty high school drama would we have if Megan just went with Ben? So enter the picture Eric. Holy crap. How is Megan even keeping them straight at this point?To top it all off, you have one of the four BFF’s getting involved in things that she shouldn’t and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Will their group find their way back to each other or will this be where their forever friendships end?I fell in love with Alex immediately. He was beautiful and charming and more than anything he was a great friend to Megan through it all. Yes, I was disappointed when he started dating Amy. But I thought “Yay! Megan can experience everything that high school has to offer without being hung up on all the drama associated with friends fighting over the same guy. But at the same time, Alex broke my heart a little when he admitted that he and Megan shouldn’t be together. But in the end, his reasons were solid and it takes a stand up guy to do what he did.As far as the other two guys… GAH! I can honestly say that I was not a big fan of Eric, but it wasn’t for obvious reason at first. There was just something about him that made me uncomfortable with his character. Something just didn’t add up. And Ben… wow. I never expected that to happen the way it did. Everything was pushing Megan to him… who knew.Of course, anyone outside of high school knew. We all remember that stuff happening. We all remember that one crush that we could never quite get over and we all remember filling the void by dating someone else.This book was very reminiscent of my high school days and briefly I wondered what it would be like to go back now and do it all over again. Truth of the matter is, no matter how much I loved high school, I wouldn’t want to go back and do it again. I made some great memories in that time and I still have a lot of great friends from them, but this book does nothing but reinforce the high school experience that I don’t want to relive.This book took me back to a younger age and it reminded me of situations and people and guys… oh, the guys… but this book was a great reminder of the glory days. The things that we will always remember and we will always hold close. But it is also a great reminder of what we take from those experiences into our futures.I really enjoyed this book although at times I did feel like I was the wrong demographic for reading it, I thought it was well written and a great story line and the ending just tugged at my heart.*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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I thought this book was okay but I wasn't a big fan of the ghetto talk..

Sorry review to come!! Ummm haven't read this yet!

Really really good book I loved it

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