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Playing Chase (2013)

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Julie Prestsater

Playing Chase (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

My hat is off to Julie Prestsater. Not only did she take a take a huge douche like Chase and make him the poster boy for all douches but then she turns us around and explains why he acts the way he does. And in an absolutely believable way no less. Chase Marino has left a trail of broken hearts and angry women in his wake and they are out for revenge. Together they create an online dating profile and set Chase up with some of the scariest women possible. The old Chase would have laughed went on his way but the new Chase, the one who is beginning to realize that perhaps his past behaviors will leave him a bitter, lonely old man like his father, decides to use the dates as penance. And then karma bites him in the butt by giving him Tiffany Guitterez, a super formal, overly note-taking student teacher that is not only beautiful, but one person who sees past all of his attitude to the person underneath. I absolutely enjoyed reading this Chase. The interaction between him and Tiffany was sweet, yet professional. Even though Chase was "teaching" her, you feel as though perhaps it's the other way around- Chase is the one learning from Tiffany. I think Tiffany is my favorite character of the whole series. For being the youngest I think she showed the most maturity in every situation from meeting Chase's father to being "schooled" by the "We hate Chase" fanclub. And I loved how she would say, "Let me tell you a story" before sharing her opinion. I so want to steal that.Playing Chase is a satisfying end to the Against The Wall Series and great choice for those who like seeing a not-so-nice guy redeemed. If a guy can manage to take bad advice and follow through ruining his relationships, his name is Chase Marino. After yet another ruined relationship, he finds that the last three women in his life want revenge and have setup an online account with blind dates that would set your hair on end. Chase is wallowing until he meets student teacher Tiffany Guiterrez who is a bit of an enigma with her stodgy appearance and rigid exterior. It doesn't take long to realize there is more to Tiffany than what you see and he finds himself falling hard, except he has three pissed off women who seem intent on getting in his way.I liked this, it was humorous, charming and had me smiling all the way until the very end. This is a perfect end of summer, pick up your feet and enjoy the weather read.

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Julie is such an amazing author and this was really good

Perfect way to end one if my favorite series!!

Dangit. Love you, Chase.

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